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1.8s steel sump NEW 50 euros NOT aluminium big wing sump

There was a replacement part from Adam Opel AG that was made of steel NOT aluminium


3 pcs available


Normal price: Oelwanne Teilegruppe C Gewicht 2.1 kg 234,97 EUR


This will not fit the opel manta 1.8s. Yes it will fit the engine, but then the engine will not clear the cross member.

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If you have done this mod to 20XE engine and you had this problem then you know......

Maybe other engine supports than the 1.8..... (custom made maybe)?

It is better to refer Real facts than theories......

As we told there was a replacement part from Adam Opel AG that was made of steel NOT aluminium for the specific engine for the specific Car so.......any Claims will be to Adam Opel AG not to us.....

If you want to mod the pan to the 20XE and although has the same volume wont fit.....what to say....

We sell parts and make offers to members BUT we do not make mods......

So whoever wants it takes it..........

That is for fwd applications not rwd.

It will fit the 18s engine but then the engine won't fit in the car!

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I wouldn't normally do this but you are a trader so people put a lot of faith in your statements and adverts.


This is an opel manta fitted with an 18s engine from underneath.




Notice how the sump has a thin bowl right at the back with wings added on to keep the volume correct for the oil. You can see the whole sump below.




No one is disputing that the sump you are selling will fit the 18s engine. But if you fit that sump it will no longer clear the cross member of the opel manta. So in the picture below I have circled the area that will clash with the cross member.




There is my evidence. As a trader you should not be trying to sell parts that will not fit the car. Yes they will fit the engine but as stated the engine will no longer fit in the car.


These sumps are for front wheel drive Vauxhall/opels.

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...... Problem solved!!!!

3 pcs were sold to Surrey....so the person who took them know their use....so no more stock

The persons that are making the mods are able to explain the mods....

Manta big wing sump pick up pipe modification (5pcs total stock ordered)

Oil pan buffler needed for XE engines (4 pcs total stock ordered)

Note to people WHO make these mods

Ensure brazing does not have any holes as air will get sucked into the oil system & then engine failure will happen.

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I don't think anyone could have made a better explanation than that Snowy. Very well put, if you don't mind me saying so.


Thanks. I just don't want anyone buying a sump that will not fit.


Unless he has posted the wrong picture!!

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Now boys (and girls)

After having long discussion with the person that took the steel pans we were informed that:

“Hello Tony

NONE mod is needed to the oil pan ….it fits perfectly

Some people prefer the theories than the opinions from people that make real mods. (motorsport teams)

…….. It looks like the 1.3 oil pan that fits from factory BUT for 1.8 engines (also for all till ‘91 aluminum engines)

The mods that have to be made are to the additional baffler and the oil pickup pipe

Also tell the members the following:

Have anyone of you wonder what the 1.3L oil pan looks like?

Have anyone of you wonder what the 1.6 1.9 2.0 22E engines oil pan look like?

Then WHY the 20XE will have to look different and WONT fit and needed wider oil pan?

The 1.3 with the 1.8 and the 20XE are all aluminum engines

Their main differences are to the engine block fit and not to the oil pan design

The only difference from 18N/S/E to 20XE for the tank is to the oil pick up pipe and the extra baffler mod/cut neededâ€

Sorry but some of here were lucky …..and some others unlucky………sorry again but we do sell parts and do not make mods….so it is better to know the mods by real people and NOT from theories…..not to Forget that Adam Opel AG made production or this oil pan for this Ascona-Manta/B 18N/S engine REPLACING THE ALUMINUM and not for the 20XE that can be used as a mod needing extra mod to baffler and oil pickup tube.

We have to respect his opinion and also his privacy

For him it was considered as a great offer since he is selling this pan at 250 Euros since Adam Opel AG made limited production of them.

Thank you all for your options/for your theories/and for the results that finally were revealed.



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Totally agree

This part is in production from 1991> since GM deleted from production the aluminum one

Some people know about parts and selling just parts and some are experts searching for replacements so will do the same work and keep the engines alive.....

We just happent to have bought all of the remaining stock (2003) as other parts that were deleted from production (about 32 pcs).....


Kevin Abbott

Great thread. It's a shame that the option of fitting a steel 1.8 sump never was known before thousands of good 1.8 manta hatch were scrapped after removing the sump.

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I just can't understand what Anthony is saying here, maybe I'm a bit thick!! To me it reads that there was no need for the big wing sump on the 1.8, which somehow I don't believe, if the steel sump on the CIH would have sufficed Opel would not have used the big wing sump, as Snowy has pointed out, Anthony/Opel Greece say that the steel sumps they are selling, and have sold, will do the same job as the ally big wing sump, maybe those sumps are not quite the same size as the steel sumps, say off an 1.9 or 2.0 CIH engine. I just cannot believe that all those guys who have done that conversion would have gone to the cost of obtaining and using sumps off a 1.8 if the steel sump would have been usable. I have not done this conversion myself, but if I was to go down that road I would definately take what Snowy says into consideration.

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As I was told from MS : "people that have made the mods know.....the others let them just follow theories"....sorry

If i did NOT knew i would say also the same but since the trans remains is the same position (no front no back) eiter as 1.3 or 1.8 (or even 2.0) and the radiator also....

Most of the people do not know these oil pans since all of the other steel pans have the pan from the other side....

ALSO for what reason (waht purpose) Adam Opel AG will produce oil pan that have the pan from the other side??

That is for .......... sells parts in extremely High prices since these people know secrets from the inside.....

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GENUINE Aluminum oil tank For 20N/S-22E-24E



We had this part NEW 150 Euros posted!!!!!! (normal mail way 10-15 days.....4-5 days door to door is +25 Euros)

We had also the following parts needed in genuine and new:

We had 2 pcs of ALUMINUM OIL PAN





And was sold:



Thank you!!!

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Now if i will ask which of you knew that there was GENUINE (Adam Opel AG part) aluminum oil pan like the photo http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/682/z3mt.jpg that you could fit it to the 1,6 1,7 1,9 2,0 2,2 2,4 engines....how many valid answers I should get?? hmmmmm ONLY the experts knew that and for that they sell their knowledge in High costs.

So the problem IS NOT THE FIT but what mods needed to make it work properly (to the specific same pickup oil pipe but longer TUBE & ROD OIL LEVER INDICATOR)

Just for the knowledge.......

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