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It's been around 25 years since I last owned a Manta, and that's way too long. I have decided to look around for the right car, and risk the likely marital breakdown that may follow...

I started at 18 with a pale blue 1979 Berlinetta CMV 685T, which I sold when I got my first company car. I picked it up in winter, and at the traffic lights on the way home tried the sunroof, just because I could. It jammed open, and it then snowed on me all the way home. Then forcing it shut, took most of the paint off. Reversed it into a lamp post twice as well. Took every penny I had to buy and run and repair it.

I loved that car.

Later, I was the very proud owner of a GTE hatch in a copper colour called Barrat Brown B200 BHB (maybe Spelt wrong) sort of a copper colour. Yellow and black Recaro's, and little wipers on the headlights. It certainly made next door's Capri look very bad. It was a bit of a hit with the ladies as well...

Wonder if either of those cars still exist?

So over the next few months I plan to lurk around the forum, and hopefully find a decent car. Limited time and even more limited ability will rule me out of a major rust removal project, but there also seem to be some good cars around. Look forward to saying hi to some other members soon.


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Hi Gents

Glad to see there are a good few members in and around Brizzle, I am just on the outskirts of Thornbury, so also very close to the old Severn bridge for trips into Wales.

Do any of you ever go to the Queens Square meetings? https://www.facebook.com/BristolBreakfastClub/photos_stream

A few months back there was a fantastic white 400 rep that turned up..

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Hi Mark

James (Stradacab) & myself along with Jason will probably be at the next Queens Square meet on Sunday February 8th.

We normally meet up for breakfast in the Wetherspoons on the waterfront around 9:00 am.


James could possibly be pursuaded to sell his Silver Manta Hatch pictured here in 2014 at the annual pilgramage to the Vauxhall Opel show at  Billing Northampton.



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Hi Dave

Thanks, I will do my best to get down on the 8th, I am working away the week before but it should be possible. Will drop you a line a couple of days before to make sure I don't miss you.

That is a smart looking Silver Manta, looks very similar to my first car, but I am maybe thinking of something a bit later. Not entirely sure yet. Looking forward to seeing a few in the coming weeks, and picking up some tips as to what to look for.


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Hi there Mark I have looked up your Pale Blue 1979 Berlinetta and it hasnt been taxed since 1994 :( Your Copper GT/E Hatch hasnt been taxed since 2000. There is another Hatch for sale currently its a D plate thats also listed on Ebay which is nice. I am 22 about to turn 23 this month and just got my first Manta B49 DUX and its the best thing that has happened to me, got mine for £3150 GT/E Hatch.

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