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Core Plugs


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Are they the concaved type Emyr or the dish type? if the concve type, I would try tapping the centre to spread it out to have a tighter fit, what a lot of people do which is wrong, is to knock the dish type in by hitting it in the centre, which in turn reduces the outside diameter, thus causing leakeage, they should be tapped into place with say a socket, which drives it in without distortion.
                  Hwyl Fawr

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On new mass production engines we apply a small bead of anaerobic loctite prior to pressing in.

Not to glue in but to act as a sealant! So a non permenant loctite product should do the same.

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Ive always knocked in just a bit further than flush like half a mil and always used a little on setting loctite as had the same as you many years ago

And use correct size drift, or a socket as said above and ensure its going in parallel and not on the piss

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