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Calling All Midlanders.


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Do you live in the midlands? If so we need your help.

The midlands area has been going through a bit of a lul for the part few years, but now that Mick Maher​ has his manta back on the road, I hope to have mine back later on this year and Andy will be taxing his next month, I think it is time to try and revitalize the area again.

Summer is on it's way with some nice warm nights ahead (we hope), so first thing to look at is the monthly pub meet. It is currently held in Warwick, but we have been looking at moving it, just don't know where to.

This is were we need your help, if you could give your veaws on a few quesions.

1. Which area of the midlands do you live.

2. Are you interested in attending a monthly pub meet.

3. How far would you be prepared to travil to a put meet or event.

Your answeres will help us to try and locate a good venue that is central to all of us.

We are also hopeing to arrange a few shows to attend, so if you know of any shows please let us know.



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Well - my Silver B is on the road.....I even took her out for a spin on Sunday. Admittedly it was only to the local tip to get rid of some cardboard boxes but it was nice to get a few looks as I pulled in!


Unfortunately, Friday evenings are pretty bad for me now so pub meetings have been put on hold for the time being. It would be great to have a Sunday Lunch meeting somewhere now that the better weather is here. I could suggest the Blue Lias in Long Itchington - http://www.bluelias.com/as a good venue for a lunchtime meeting. Perhaps a one off to start with, like we used to do in the good old days.

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Nothing seems to have happened on this front, so I have posted some dates of some monthly Midlands Classic car meets in this section of the forum.

I hope to be popping along to the next couple of these, whilst the weather is still with us. Its such a shame that nothing seems to happen in the Midlands anymore.

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