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eBay Manta 400 3000cc

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Manta 400 - 3000cc

Not a 400R but would be good start for Volksdevil's....!

volksdevil neil saw this when it was up for sale by previous owner in Wolverhampton,he  would not entertain it then as its not a 400r,but still a cracking looking motor.:thumbup

For me though its not in the same leaque as poddy's which granted is the genuine article so an unfair comparison I guess still better though.:lol:

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All the genuine irmscher 240  kits which the above is  have the indicators in the lower position like a gte.the trevor lewis kits have them in the upper position built into the bumper rather than the airdam, making it more  like a 400.B)

Having said that I put my anorak on and found a germam brochure for a i240 in my collection, which has the indicators in the upper position:o,could be for the german market only not sure, but I'm sure there will be someone along to shed some light on this hopefully.:thumbup

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