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At first glance I thought it was autocrosser's (craigs) 400R,i thinks I prefer craigs somehow regardless of what the reserve maybe on this one.:blink:


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Its a cracking motor without a doubt...however where it falls flat on its face for me is the rear arches,:o there just not right the profile and lines are all over the shop (pic 3)

I would have to have them re-done,and because of that, I would walk away from this otherwise nice example...imho:blink:

I reckon the wet interior is down to it being blasted with a washer just before the photo's were taken,seals were never that good anyway.:wacko:



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They could be removed and fitted, without blending. rear quarters can be prepped and sprayed. Not a major job, just a bit of blocking, sanding and filling, 

More concerned if the underneath of the arch wasnt sealed correctly

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