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Hi guys new to the forum.

Some of you may have seen my enquiry Aston the where abouts of my Manta A, WGF  300M. Well I've found it its for sale on eBay now and looking at bit sad for itself. Some of the owners claims are let's say surprising. Anyone thinking of bidding feel free to message me. On the whole it looks good as for price I have no idea what mantaA's are worth 

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Apart from the accident damage on the rear wing the car looks good to me.

Assuming its an honest ad & the car needs some paint & repair then I would say in its present condition its worth close to the sellers asking price.

I 'm sure that with the work done & put up for sale at the right time of year i.e. the Spring/Summer then it would fetch around £8000 imo.

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Totally agree with Dave on that one. It looks like a really sound project for someone, and would quite easily make a nice show car. 

He is probably at the top end of what you would expect to pay for a car in that condition but as they say, it is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. If someone wants a nice project and has £6k burning a hole in their pocket, then why not. 

We have been chatting about car prices quite a bit recently and it is fair to say that Manta Values are finally on the up. I guess putting your money into classic cars is probably a better investment than leaving it in the bank to earn 0.25%. We also noted that the people that saw their dads with these cars when they were younger are probably at the age now where they have a bit of extra disposable income, which may also be driving the prices up.

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I restored this car originally it should be silver with a black vinyl roof. I had it reupholstered but couldn't obtain original material so went for nearest match. Underside was stripped reundersealed and painted with dark blue Hammerite along with inner wheel arches. The boot had been crowbared open which explains the difference in gap shut. Sadly original engine had seized so a second hand one of 96k was put in. When I sold the car I sold it with a BRAND NEW crated engine ready to be fitted. The blue vinyl roof is the same material used on old rolls royce. If they haven't been replaced there's adjustable shocks on the rear. Hope this helps anyone interested.

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