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Finally got a Manta SR!

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Hi all, 

so excited to be on here and say I have a Manta.

my dad, who is no longer with us, had a bronze Berlinetta sr coupe from 1978-1994 and when it went I vowed one day to have one of my own.

his reg was UEP 14S by the way - don't know if it still lives? 

But here is my SR hatch I picked up last weekend, did 100 mile journey no problem at all with its 5-Speed conversion.

she doesn't have any history but has clearly been restored at some point - does anyone know anything? 





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Welcome :thumbup My first Manta was a 2 slot and I'd love another, Looks a decent one, was eyeing that up as a driver until I get my Coupe sorted....

All I can see was the tax was last due on your Dad's car in May 1996, my old coupe NAD 357P shows last taxed in 1992 although I'm holding on the the faint hope someone has it in a lockup somewhere still :rolleyes: 

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Nice one! It's a tidy looking car! What's your plans for it?

Did you get the Platinum Ronals mentioned in the Ebay ad? Quite rare on their own. 

There was a thread running about this Manta when it appeared on Ebay:

There's some MOT history etc. here: https://cazana.com/uk/car/ARU348T

You might need to register to access it. 

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Welcome to the club and Opel Manta ownership! It's amazing how many of us want to own the vehicle our fathers owned when we were kids!

I myself have been looking for decades for a fully kitted out M4 Sherman tank my late Grandfather cruised around France and Holland in can only get the Olive Matt green ones though😂

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I've actually been a professional photographer for some 18 years, but I'll be honest that the pics were actually taken with my iPhone 7 plus - which takes a really good picture to be honest!

they were then edited using software on the phone called Enlight.

when I do get round to shooting some proper pics I'll be using my Canon gear.

20 hours ago, Blue Thunder said:


That's a nice hatch, great colour matches with the the black ATS wheels.

If you took the pictures yourself, can I ask what camera and lens you use?


Thanks for all the replies, 

car had been away at competition engine solutions this week, and has had a number of problems sorted including loose wheel bearings and a carb that was in a really bad way, with wrong jets making it run lean and various other problems too.

its now back and running really well - goes like stink now!..

Here she is at Competition Engine Solutions in very good company!


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