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Ebay: 76 Manta SR for sale

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I'll see your newspaper and raise you.........


Back when microwaves were new my mother cooked a steam pudding and it was that bad that when she threw it down the yard even the dog would not eat it.

So we shoved it in my mates wheel arch and cut the top off with a saw and skimmed it

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I can't compete with a pudding  :lol:but I remember pulling newspaper and large balls of clear glue from the sill of my 76 SR  as I was poking around it and replacing them with a much sturdier repair of ally mesh and fibreglass, bog and bitumen (I was a skint student and couldn't afford welding!)

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Looking at the piccies I don't think that one is not an SR. It is trimmed as a Berlinetta inside and has the remnants of headlamp wash/wipe in the engine bay. The other giveaway is the dash which has the basic dash, only the SR had the 6 clock then unless the "SR" pack was specified on a Berlinetta.

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