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Still haven't seen one!

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I have been out Monday Tuesday night this week, not likely you managed Aberdeen on your trip. I met a guy with a mk1 escort who had pulled over to take a pic of my 400r  with his escort behind. He was so excited to see the 400r. He was 40 ish and had never seen a manta in the flesh before.  Only place I see them is on the nephews x box.........I often get thumbs up from cars and bikes when I am out. There hopefully will be a couple out on the roads up this way next year! There are a few guys busy in their garages last year and this year , hoping to be on the road for next year.

Just added this pic of my v8 on a road run ...........last year, best I can offer!!

did 2016.jpg

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If you had been in Southport  for the car show a couple of weeks  back,you would of seen me and my  lad pick up first prize for best in class.This was with our 1977 opel manta sr coupe.

If your in  Southport again over the next few weeks, feel free to give us a shout and me and my lad would love to nip out and see you and have a cheeky drink with you. 

Cheers  Stuart  and  jack:thumbup

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Thanks for the feedback on the v 8, its not everybodys cup of tea, but I enjoy the noise it makes .........a lot ! 400r is on the road this year , kinda wished I put the v 8 on as well, finding time to get out in them as much as I like can be tricky.

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Back home now and 1250 miles later we didn't spot one. Nearest we got was a Caliba and only saw one of those. Did see an old 20/30s Vauxhall on the road.

Went through Blackburn and saw a black and white Omega estate I think it was, sure that's been mentioned on here?

Time to get mine finished and increase the numbers on the road!

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