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White Coupe

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If this link doesn’t work you can still find it by typing “Opel manta” in classic cars on eBay 

Very dodgy though, the guy has a total of 46 vehicles listed (a mix of classic cars, bikes, motor homes and caravans. All expensive stuff) all but 1 have a start price of £2000, all have 2 pictures all were listed at the same time and all are been sold on behalf of a friend and to email enquiries not through eBay but to a private email address. 

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Was for sale a couple years ago on ebay and sold for over 6k.

The current sale is using photos and some of the wording from the original listing.


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So..  I sent an email to this fella "Ian" when the eBay advert was still alive   

Just got a reply with a big story about how the car is parked up in Inverness and belonged to his father who passed away 3 months ago.  

He is willing to let it go for £3250 delivered to my door.  

He also sent me about 10 pictures of the car.  

This clearly has to be a scam as it looks really tidy.

I'm going to reply to him with a lie & tell him I'm up visiting family that way in a few days time,  and I could pop over and pay cash for the car. 

That should flush him out, as I'm sure these scams must rely on you paying via western union or Paypal etc.     

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Notice on all his other adverts the email addresses vary too, the account must be hacked as it's had plenty of good feedback over the years. Generally only one picture on each of the adverts too, if I was selling a car that nice I'd have loads of pictures to do it justice.........  I'd ask him around the other motors too :lol:

You will get some tale around him needing a deposit or the likes via money transfer I'd guess next, tell him that you are an African millionaire but you need money from him to facilitate getting your funds out of the Barundi bank in order to complete the transaction :lol:

In all seriousness this person needs shopping to the old bill, I'll bet quite a few have fallen for it.

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Yep.  Just got a reply saying that he is currently living in Turin and isn’t available to show me the car in person.  

and if I could send the payment via PayPal as soon as possible that would be great.  He will then ship it for free to London.  

Such a nice man 😂😂😂


i might play along with this one for a while 😂

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