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Kevin Abbott

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For sale

Opel manta GTE £6000

we restored this car a few years ago and was sold to a guy who owns the company opposite mine he used the car twice and has just left it outside uncovered ever since I have had to walk past it every day for the past 2 years and slowly watch it get worse I could no longer see it go to waste so gave the guy his money back in full what he paid for it off us restored a few years ago the car runs drives and sounds absolutely brilliant it's covered74.000 miles and has full 12 months mot fresh oil and filters changed the interior on this car is outstanding and is one of the best I've seen and is bone dry inside the chassis was treated inside with noxudol rust prevention when we restored it absolutely everything works on this car even the head light wipers all the tyres have lots of meat on them the prices of mantas are only going up so this is a safe investment the only things i would mention that may require some attention in the near future is some rust that has crept under the paint on rear arch drivers front wing and little bit on front panel due to being sat for so long see pictures the rest of the car and the roof is solid unfortunately it's not in our budget to repair this due to the amount we had to pay to get the car back this would be down to the new keeper to address if they feel it necessary we hope we can find this car a good home and someone who will look after it the way it deserves if you require more info or more pictures of particular areas feel free to ask


Thanks for reading

gte hatch 1.jpg

gte hatch 2.jpg

gte hatch 3.jpg

gte hatch 4.jpg

gte hatch 5.jpg

gte hatch 6.jpg

gte hatch 7.jpg

gte hatch 8.jpg

gte hatch 9.jpg

gte hatch 10.jpg

gte hatch 11.jpg

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A bargain for somebody! I only wish it were me! Lack of suitable storage rules it out however. 

The interior in that car looks spot-on! Good as new. 

That Manta decal on the front air dam would need to go! Ditto the side stripes. Easily done. 

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