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Silver hatch on Shpock

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I think the owner has been on here a bit recently asking for advice on the car, user name Kashman. Recently been found in a garage or similar I think, off the road for years.

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Hi guys yes that' my car it' 1 thing after another :(


Mrs smashed her car when a guy hit her on the side of the around the round about iv put it up as incase if the insurance don' pay her we got somthing to fall back on still waiting to hear from the insurers!


Apart from that work has been started and I'm hoping that all goes well so I can keep her 

On 15/04/2018 at 18:52, starmist said:

Looks super clean underneath, but why wouldn't you put photos of the outside on if you're trying to sell a car.

Im Jus not making a great effort in sellng it



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Yes what had happen was tho the breather pipes were perished... I was looking around the neck of the tank and reached to feel the rubber pipes that come off it.. it just crumbled in my hands soo that was the start to see what the tank was like as chris from Coventry said he can get it refurbished if the tank had holes etc but thankfully after playing around trying to take the tank off banging my head against the haynes manual I come to find that the tank is in excellent condition so I started the work...pretty proud of myself 

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