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5 stud Ronal

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It does look rough!

The silver 5-stud Ronals as pictured above (and the Ebay ad) were only fitted to the Monza and Royale coupe's. The Senator & Royale saloons had the same wheel with anthracite inners and polished spokes. Lots of photos here:  http://vauxpedianet.uk2sitebuilder.com/vauxhall-v-6s78---royale

You could only use those on a narrow body Manta as the 400 wheels are different depending on their width.

Personally, I prefer the look of the 5 studs as they don't have the centre caps covering the bolts.




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the wheel is quite badly corroded and actually looks like it could have had a darker colour remaining in the centre section. Must admit ave thrown away many better wheels than those over the years .

mind you i bet we have all thrown away stuff when they were widely available and worth nowt .same goes for the ats alloy option for cavs and mantas.13". Had a set in pretty good nick on ebay a few years back that would not sell .even starting at 99p. Same goes for other ascona ,cav or senator stuff when i was having a clear out.!


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@ cam in head: indeed you'r right, was used on those old 6-shooters. But also on the road version of the Ascona-400 and the very early road versions 

of the Manta-400. When I bought my "400" the previous owner gave me the 4 original rims with the car.

@Monaco Bleu: My "400" was equipped with 7X15 but I found after years a set of 8X15 et 23 with 205/50/15 tyres.

Fits on a narrow "400", but don't try to put a pencil between the tyre and the body...


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TVS 575W  unfortunately was broken for spares years after I sold her,although someone still has shell and logbook.  ABG 552 is making a comeback after 28 years off the road.

Different registration and owner now . One very special car . (There's always one you wish you hadn't sold!) Hurry up and finish her and get some pictures up Andy.

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