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Restoration project wanted parts (ongoing)


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Will keep adding as I need bits that I find I need. This is parts for my Black not so beautiful coupe restoration thread.

For an exclusive coupe (forgot to mention this previously, doh)

1) Boot rubber seal. Sorted new from German seller

2) petrol filler flap (hinge is broken)  Sorted, thanks 

3) Seat belt black plastic trim bits where belt comes out of card, for OS and NS both are split with bit missing.

4) Boot hinge spring rod for NS

5) Rear screen rubber and locking trim strip in black.

6) Headlining, it’s a light colour, think it was originally light grey.

7) sunroof seal

8 ) window winder handle clips (the spring that clips it to the splined shaft)

9) any plastic insert things for coupe doors, arm rest especially, the twist in ones for the arm rest top.

10) bonnet release cable

Thanks for taking the time to look. 👍


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