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Brake servo hose ID


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When I did mine I did use the 3/8" size but looking back it was a bugger to fit so maybee I used a wrong size !. If yours does indeed measure 1/2" then that's probably what it is .no trouble finding it on eBay just make sure it's the proper reinforced vacuum pipe and all will be well.the original vacuum hose on our cars did go hard and brittle even wHen the cars were relatively new .this was the wire reinforced type .

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That size is correct Graeme. Funny enough, this is another one of those little jobs to do on my car too. Yours did look worse than mine in the photo I saw yesterday - we shall see...

Fingers crossed, this helps solve your problem  :thumbup

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1 hour ago, Sutty2006 said:

Plus one on reinforced pipe, that’s why the original has a braided band around it to stop it .......sucking itself in...... oooo errr


Only fitted to see how idle was affected by no more unmetered air sounds smooth and regular hopefully I've got the performance back.

Did have trouble removing it from the servo heard the air rush back in after 12 hours of sitting so servo and valve are good.

Have ordered 1/2" servo hose and clips will go for a drive :D next weekend

Again thanks for the help.

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