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Weekend in the Belgian Ardennes with the GSI

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Last weekend me and my wife visited the Belgian Ardennes, the weather looked fine so we did this with the Manta.  The car had a rebuild but cause of Corona the overhauled engine had no possibility to make miles. Some pics:


Next morning checking the engine, looking for leaks etc.:


This pic shows why I need to fit those mudflaps again, so Ian you know why:


We had a nice "Morantic" walk in the neighbourhood the same morning but in the afternoon we took the Manta out, some pics:


The Ardennes have a second world war past: A turret of a Sherman Firefly tank:



When we arrived at our location we took some time for an apéritif, what do you need more?


Sunday we took the Manta for another tour, we drove also to the village "La Gleize" where we visited the museum and ofcourse the "KingTiger":

Look at the difference of size between the "Tiger" and the Manta:


The tank commander said "Ich solte meine Königstiger neben die schöne Manta parken" The "KingTiger" weights the same as 65 Manta's.


When we arrived at home the Manta has got 1200km, so I need to torque the head again. The car did fine, noticed when I had the official speed of 120 km/h the tacho gave almost 140 km/h so I need to check the plastic drive wheel in the gearbox...

Stay safe & healthy,




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