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Removing steering from my Manta B SR.

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The correct two leg puller is required so you don't shear the nylon rods that join the two halves of the column to each other at the sleeve joint, if you "rag f£$% out of it" you often will have a rattly column afterwards and if its really bad an MOT fail because of up and down movement.

The correct puller is this: 


Its cheap and will remove the wheel without needing to beat anything and risk damage.

If you have a damaged column it can be repaired by removing the rods from the column, pulling them apart, cleaning them and then removing the broken bit of nylon from the outer rod.

Then you mark the inner rod where the nylon went into the outer shaft and pop the outer one back on, line up inner and out to the mark.

Use a fine drill bit to make a hole right through the inner and outer (its easy because you are drilling nylon all the way through.  You then need to insert a fresh piece of super thin nylon rod (same size as you drilled) or use a piece of mig wire.

The idea of the nylon is to stop rattles but the column is split in two so in an accident the nylon rods break and the column can collapse at the lower lattice.

Another reason not to beat the wheel to remove is the lattice can get damaged and so can the shear mounts at the top.


Do columns properly, they are required to be safe.


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