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Anyone got a source for complete chassis rails?

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Hi all, 

haven’t posted much here, but have had a great few years since owning my 79 SR Hatch.

however it’s been off the road for a year or so due to some catastrophic rot on the near side chassis rail up to just above the swan neck.

ive been slowly sourcing the parts to do the floor pans and rails both sides.

I’ve managed to get floor pans, swan necks and chassis rails - all outers plus jacking points.

however I hadn’t realised that there’s an inner too?

can anyone help with these? Can’t find anything online at all…..

had I realised there was an inner and outer, I’d have been happy to buy a full set! 

any help would be so gratefully received - it’s a big project for a novice, but I’ve got plenty of time and space to slowly get it done!

thanks in advance!


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Posted (edited)

If you use the covers then you can build new inners to go with them. Either from U section, flat pieces welded together or 40x40 box section. It all depends how far gone your inners are when you dig into them. If the full inner needs replacing then you need a jig making up to keep everything inline especially the subframe rear mounting hole.

Eckhards full rails eliminate the need to build/repair inners but can be a harder thing to fit if you are just jacking the car up in a garage and don't have the shell stripped on a spit.

This is using just the covers and building 40x40 box section inners using a jig for alignment


This was the inner rail which is why i had to replace it fully. Nothing left there to save. But you can just make out the inner U section and the tube for the bolt to go through. That inner goes up past the top crossmember mount (although its not a single piece its a couple of pieces joined along the way)



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That’s so helpful thanks!!!

I might do that then, I will have to jig it as the NS is totally gone around the mount, it’s really quite bad.

I was going to pay to have the repairs done, but I don’t have an open chequebook so my fabrication guy didn’t want to commit to it.

it’s a big challenge, but I’m looking forward to learning as I go, no timescale or anything, just a bit at a time 

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Thanks Andy, I’m really grateful to everyone’s support here.

has anyone got any pictures of how the inners look once in place at all?



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