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Opel commodore GSE in scrap yard

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I was told a few week ago that there was a manta in a local scrappy. I went down it turned out to be a commie in rather holy form.


Its pretty much complete. Minus the back axle and front hubs as ive been and ripped them off this morning.


ID say its been sat under a tree longer than Ive been around. Hence theres f**k all left underneith metal wise.


I dont think it will be round for much longer as they move things on quickly...

Time for a

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Always so sad to see cars that were probably once much loved in such a state... mind you.. I did bump into an old ex the other day and thought much the same

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Well its safe to say i dont think anyone would attempt trying to restore her. The front cross member/alxe wasnt held on much as the chassis has rusted away from the mounts.

Will get some pics up in a bit of the underside.


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