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Cavalier 4 door


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I fancy a heavy galvanised front suspension.

Need to collect a few more good parts first.

I hadn't thought about doing that?? Not such as bad idea.

I hope the car will be on the road in time for billing. I would like to drive down in it. But we will see.

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Took my audi discs to work today to machine up to fit onto the manta hubs....





Just thought i'd post up the pics for those who are thinking about doing the conversion. I can supply a drawing to anyone who wants to do this themself.

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Well....more underseal removed today. Rear wheel arch now and the passenger side is done. Then i can start all over again on the drivers side..... :(



What is the best solution for degreasing before painting?? I ask as i have been spraying the underside with WD40 to stop any surface rust appearing while i've been stripping it.


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perhaps panel wipes http://www.kenteurope.com/uk/shop/viewfami...5&type=Auto

for degreasing.

top job by the way,must be mind numbing to clean all the underseal off.

at least it has inspired me do mine next year

Buy a 5ltr tin of panel wipe from your local motor factor. It'll degrease metal, remove silicone and get you high as a kite while doing it. I swear by the stuff, and I should know, I'm a hippopotamus!

Cheers guys. I will get some. Also i have bought some of the two pack epoxy rust prevention/primer paint from Rustbuster.

Has anyone used this stuff? I t was recommended by Practical Classics. If anyone has used it did they spray it or brush it on?


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Started repairing the passenger side bulkhead but ran out of new steel.... :angry:






If you decide to strip the underseal off your own car a piece of advice is break it up with other work such as this so you do not loose interest and give up.

Also have finished stripping under the bonnet..



Think i'm going to paint the underbonnet area black..

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Removed the torque tube from the axle today. Getting all the suspension parts ready to be shot blast.


I also stripped the prop bearing down so i can replace it. You can buy new ones from SKF for about £8.



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My complete engine arrived today... Everything there except the alternator even though it was advertsied as having one!!! :angry:


So i have stripped all the stuff of it i dont need and put it too one side ready for fitting.

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great read mate :D if you need any parts for the x20xev try clubcalibra.net or vq9.co.uk ppl are braking the ecotecs all the time.are you going for the F18 or 20 box with that?

Neither, as far as i know they are front wheel drive gearboxes?? I will need a box to suit rear wheel drive layout.

Thanks for the web link. I'm sure i'll have lots of questions..

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More underseal removal today. found a patch on the chassis leg as usuall. The top of which wasn't even attached although someone had had a go at welding it.

Why do people do this and leave what's underneath to fester..You can see where the plate as as i have peeled it down



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Thanks for the pictures.

Both cars are being done at the same time.

Just the cavalier turned into a bigger job than planned due to the condition of ther car being a lot worse than advertised when i bought it.

So yes i suppose a quick job that ran away with me...

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Not much done except underseal removal. But smiles as i have nearly finished the whole underside now!!!

Just looking at the drivers side chassis leg again today..


So i cut the top layer off and the bit close to the jacking point that i found last time i was under there..




Not sure if i should take the jacking point off the car to see if the rot has spread further down. I think it will have to come off.= :unsure:

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