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Manta 1.8Gt For Sale


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This is a car which I am posting on behalf of MANTAMAN.

The Owner would like £2500. It has some history and has covered around 90k miles.

I have been told that it is in excellent condition for it's age by MANTAMAN who will be posting more information on the vehicle shortly.

Here's some pictures to start with:





If you are interested please contact Mrs S Brunt on 01438 814 081.

The vehicle is in Hertfordshire.

Thanks for looking.

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I've been to see this Manta and can honestly say its one of the best i've seen for sale.

I had to enlist the help of Stoneymanta because my digital camera died when i went to take photo's of this Manta,the owners gave me some prints and as i haven't got a scanner i had to enlist Simons help.

This Manta is a B reg (1984-85) 1800 GT, it is in TOTALLY ORIGINAL CONDITION, the only deviations from this are the added coach lines below the side strips and the chrome tail pipe tip both of which could easily be removed,it even has the original radio/cassette which is still fully functional.

the faults i could find with this Manta are as follows-

Rear spoiler,the paint has cracked where the owner caught her handbag strap round it! these parts can be removed for repainting if the new owner desired.

Rear wiper arm removed (retained with car,possibly removed to get round MOT requirements) because the motor runs slow,wiring into the tailgate on hatchback Manta's is a problem area.

The clock stopped working a few years ago

The drivers seat is just (only just) starting to wear on the door side,the rest of the interior is unmarked,even the dash top shows no signs of even starting to crack.

Corrosion- it has had a patch let inro one side of a chassie rail (i couldn't get right underneath to look) but owner assures me it wasn't a quick 'MOT job' but a proper repair done by the person who has carried out repairs to all thier cars for years,and the way they dote over this Manta they wouldn't put up with shoddy work.

The spare wheel well has some surface rust.

The battery tray, washer bottle tray and around a few under bonnet ribs started to show some surface rust a few years ago so the owner cleaned, treated and painted the areas,the white dosen't quite match but this could be corrected easily,there are no underlying problems in these areas as there is no pitting or bubbling.

There is one small touched up stone chip on the nose cone.

What is remarkable is when you look around the engine bay and inside the nose cone,unlike practically every other Manta of this age there are no little rust patches along seems etc.

What has saved this Manta is that it's always been garaged and when they kept hens in the rear of the building the garage was heated!

Mechanically this Manta goes as well as it looks,Dont let the 90k miles put you off,the way this Manta has been looked after it looks and goes like a car with a third of those miles on the clock, i was taken out for a long ride in it,The engine starts up straight away and makes no odd noises,the owner has changed the oil far more often than needed,the engine belts where changed two years ago,the front brakes where flagged up as sticky at the last MOT so two new front calipers were fitted.

Going along the road there is only one little rattle which we put down to a rear damper past its best (easily replaced) otherwise there is no shudders,squeaks,rattles or shakes, even the rear axle is silent!

When you look round outside there are no signs of it ever having had any damage and the paint shines like a new car,even the wheels shine!

If you bought this Manta, cleaned the engine, i think this one would genuinely be in contension for a third place pot or higher in its class at the Concours at Billing, its condition is not far behind my Gold Hatch,yes it really is this good.

£2500 ? i think its worth every penny of this, look at it this way,other Manta's might be cheaper but would take (a lot of) money to bring them up to the condition this one is in,buy this Manta and you would not have to spend any more money,keep it garaged, polish it and it would stand proud at any car show.

If you want a Manta to keep for car shows and the odd run out on a sunny day for a pub lunch you owe it to yourself to go and take a look at this Manta, ones as good as this will almost never turn up again.

So if its so good why haven't i bought it? i have already got an immaculate 1800 Manta and i cant take two to shows at the same time,but if i was looking for a really good Manta you wouldn't be reading this now,the car would be in my garage already!

The Brunts live in Kenbworth in Herts, which is really easy to get to as its just by the A1, they even live quarter of a mile from Kenbworth railway station which is on the east coast main line out of london.

Go on,you might as well give up resisting now rather than in a few hours time,you know you want it......

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No i'm not on a commision!

i'm 'bigging' this Manta up because i'm really hoping it goes to good home, this one deserves to be kept standard and cherished by the next owner.

Of course the real answer is if you are considering buying a Manta and this one is on your list, go and look at it yourself.

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Ah good, it's nice to get the top condition cars in the club and get a pampering to keep it in that condition. Rough cars are good too but I've got a few of those in the club already! As for this 1.8, I for one will look forward to seeing it...

..webered, k&N'd slammed to the deck, pimped out :lol: Sorry, I meant at forthcoming shows.

Oh and I was also kidderizing about the sump and box pinching! My fault for not using a smiley :D:lol::unsure::blink:

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