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Loss Of Power

eddie goh

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Hi all,

I have a problem with my 1983 2.0 GTE Opel manta.

After driving for a while, the whole car becomes sluggish. The rev is there but no power. It is like the whole car is low on fuel.

I have change the fuel pump, tried a new air flow meter and change the ECU but, the problme is still there.

Can anyone please help me on this. I am from Singapore and are driving the only Opel Manta in this part of the region.

I can be reached at gooks@pacific.net.sg.

Thank you.


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Hi Eddie,

Nice to hear from you again - hope you are okay and sorry to hear the your GT/E is playing up.

Have you looked at the timing? It woudl probably be noticable from cold but may get worse as the car warms up.

I will have a word with Mick Maher and see if he has any other suggestions.

Best of luck with the problem.



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I was at a loss, so the above seems a reasonable idea. Maybe let it get upto temp before driving any distance? That way if the loss of power is to do with distance travelled not engnine temp it will be apparent.

Though if bad enough to do this I would expect smelly brakes.

Could be a case of looking at the injection temp sensors and thermo time switch to make sure they are working as intended.

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To check if it is a lack of fuel (which would make the engine run lean) take a spark plug out and have a look at the colour.

A thought if it isn't getting enough fuel after a period of running is that it could be a problem with the breather pipe on the fuel tank.

One of my moms old cars had a similar problem

Easy to check just open the fuel cap when the problem starts and see if there is a rush of air noise.

If the breather is partially blocked there is a vacuum created in the tank which makes it hard work for the pump.

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