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Stradacab's '82 Sr Berlinetta


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Some of you may have seen this for sale a few weeks back on the forum. As usual, it wasn't too far from me in Cirencester and there's no harm in just going for a look is there?

So Daz and I popped up there for a gander.

I fell for it for a number of reasons (you know how you always justify something you've already decided to buy with rational reasons afterwards)

It was registered on 6th Jan 1982 which makes it a very late pre-facelift car so it has the plastic aircleaner and electronic ignition from the Sept '81 onwards brochure.

It's black which was a rare option that looks great with the chrome and I have always admired James Sene's excellent X reg example.

No FF sunroof ( again rare on such a late car)

And the back story is great too. It was bought from Newbury Instant Motors and delivered to its owner in, say, Acacia Gardens in Cirencester. The second owner lived at no. 59 in the same street and he sold it to the last owner at no.61 in the early '90's so it has lived in the same road all its life!




All the MOTs show it has done about 3000 miles per year (up to 2002) and verifies the 69,000 showing on the clock.

It needs "the usual", sills, probably legs, footwells, arches and rear lower corners and recomissioning (last taxed 2002).

I intend to clear the Fiat, Cavalier and will think seriously about selling SGH (can't believe I'm typing that) but I don't need two "show" SR Berlinettas.

I will lay NMO up because first is the GT/J project that has been sitting up at Nigels for three years.


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wow tnn was last taxed 92 now i feel old, well last summer i started to hunt around for another manta, and i wanted an early 80s model

but i could only find an orange w reg gtj in birmingham, little to much work for me, well it did sell another couple of time since so maybe a blessing,

nice to see this beauty has found a new home.

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I missed this one for sale, but well done James for buying that. Looks great, and as you say, another like James Sene's car which does look great in black with the chrome etc. I assume this one wasn't known about in the club before? Good to see another SR popping up on the radar.

However, you realise you'll now have to move to Acacia Gardens in Cirencester then, you can't mess with that history!!

Good pics, nice one.


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Well thanks for the replies.

I'll keep it standard as that's the way I like them and I promised the previous owner I would look after her!

I'll need to find a beige set of seats if I can as the originals are knacked! I can save the carpets, the dash and rear cards are good and, although the door cards are faded I have a perfect uncut beige set in the loft! They came from a set of SH doors I bought from a man at Billing for the silver GTE I restored. I vac washed them and stored them in polythene three years ago- I can't bear to throw anything like that away.

The door bins are missing but I have one beige one in stock, hopefully can find another- worst case I can plastic prime and satin black a grey set( they won't look out of place)

Two wings in the loft (although one of the current ones fitted might go again) arches, swans, sills and jacking points all in stock, the rest I can bash out of a bit of tin. Boot is a bit bubbly but have one of those too, might need to source a bonnet as this one has been repaired.

The front calipers are seized solid so I will have to overhaul the slides just to move the thing around.

Enjoy these last two project threads, I'm going to do the GT/J, do the SR and then retire.

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Very nice James and very lucky not to have the deaded ff sunroof. It's exactly 1 month newer than mine. Look forward to following this and the gtj projects.

At your pace of work I reckon both will be at Billing this year! :thumbup

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