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Hatch Looking To Be Making Good Money On Ebay.

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Car is currently at £1430, which in my estimation would be about all it should really be worth, as Robbie has said, there is a hell of a lot of work involved to make the car good....... and that is not including the unknown work that will get uncovered.

Good Manta's = good prices

Not so good = not so good prices.

Yet, going back a few years a Manta such as this would fetch about £500

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Gte hatch looking like its goin to make decent money. Hopefully a sign of increasing values! Merry Christmas!!


Well it looks like it didn't make decent money as it sold for £1400 then was re-listed & made £1000.

Are Manta values on the way up, not at the moment.

Mind you with the rust in the roof & rear arches coupled with the economic situation/time of year i'm not surprised.

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