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At the end of the day i guess its up to the owner what they do with their car so this post isn't intended to cause any arguements over right and wrong its only my opinion. :) I'm putting a v8 in mine however i didnt start with a mint exclusive as my base car. I started with an unloved gte coupe that had sat in someones garden for 4 years over time sourcing all the parts and panels needed to bring her back to life again and she will be cracking when finished. I also have a white gte coupe which i bought beforehand to put the v8 in but i came to the conclusion that she was in far better condition so will be left alone apart from twin headlights and say an exhaust letting me enjoy the best of both worlds :) In this case though cars like that blue exclusive are getting very hard to come by it was lovely and i feel it should have been kept that way :) If you want to modify take pride in saving a manta thats had a hard life and could have ended up scrapped rather than pull a good one apart :thumbup

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agree with you it was peters money, peters car,and peters choice, i get all that,


its still criminal and thats that


she looked like this in november 2011,1 owner from new genuine miles with full history,boys not a minter but very nice tbhSDC13486.jpg

this was the last time i seen her

going wi peter evans to be butchered i guess????????????????SDC13593.jpg

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It's a car at the end of the day. No one died lads. :rolleyes:

Looking at the add a lot of work has gone into it & it doesn't look bad to me. If I had a the choice between it in standard form as above or with V8 & 400 kit fitted (and finished) I'd be going for the latter. I love the standard exclusive too, don't get me wrong. I spent a lot of money building a 400R and searched high and low to find the best shell I could get. Luckily it happened to be brown metalic but I have also a white Exclusive & if it had have been the better shell she'd be wearing the kit today. People knock lads for building 400Rs then pop up in another thread complaining about "heaps of shit" with 400 kits stuck on badly.

Can't have it both ways.

/Thread :thumbup

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