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Manta A


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hi everyone I just got myself a manta A, and here she is






If I'm honest needs a bit more than I was expecting but nonetheless it will get done, yesterday got the wings off and made a look at how the front comes off, is it welded on to what I will call chassis rails (was getting dark,thats the excuse I will use if it is obvious!) front at the lights is badly rusted, was half tempted to repair on car, but think if its not too much of a pain take it off and check behind too.

Also is there any information out there or how hard/easy is it to drop the subframe etc?

Thanks and I'm sure there is lots of stupid questions to come!

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very interesting - i never saw this for sale anywhere - but looks like a nice car

looks fairly solid im not so sure about the bottom of the back but looks can be deceptive on the photos

what engine is in it at the moment it doesnt look standard

whats your plan return it to original ? and im guessing your bonnet will be changed

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Good luck with the project,i found this from back in the day.

Techy Specs:

Manta A Series 1975 (Luxus Model)

GTE Coupe Fuel Tank (Behind rear firewall)

Fully Seam Welded Shell

C25XE Engine

3.0l Cams

Supercharged (OH YES!)

3.44 rear Diff. with ZF LSD

2.2 Carlton Vented Front Disks

AP Racing 4 Pot Alloy Front Calipers

Spax 24 Point Adj Spax (front and rear)

Bespoke Springs (400Lb Front 1.5" drop and 170Lb Rear 2" drop)

ATS 15" Alloys (Rare as Heck)

Irmscher Wing Spoilers

Safety Devices Full Roll Cage

Bespoke 6-2-1 Exhaust (5" Rear Stainless Exit)

Quick-Shift 5 Speed Gearbox

Bespoke Full Steel Bonnet

Fibreglass Front Bib Spoiler (Rare German only, 3rd party manufacture)

4x100 watt Front Beams (Headlights)

4x150 watt Spotlights (I live in the Lake district and we have BIG Badgers)

4 Point Harnesses

Paintjob taken from TE2800 German Model (Customised to own style)

Theres probably a lot more, but you forget after a while.





Edited by - azzi on 03/09/2003 19:32:06

Edited by manta88
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:) thanks, unfortunately not all those parts are still on her I think, supercharger definetly not and don't think vented discs either :( any idea who did it was it azzi? Wouldn't mind a few questions answered if at all possible.

Got a bit done today after wasting 3hours fixing compresser, first bit welded in drivers inner sill... Boring pictures will probably follow tomorrow if get the time to take them

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Got a bit more done over the weekend but the problem is I work half day Saturday and then I have the problem I work outside in the north east of Scotland... Cold and minimal daylight! Was lucky wasn't raining! Trying to rack my brains see if can get some form of shelter or use a shed somewhere anyway excuses over.

Inner sill




No hole


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Well not much progress in between juggling work and things compressor broke so ordered a new one and it came was all set to crack on this weekend and my welder torch broke Grrr... Can't complain with amount of use its done but still frustrating. On a plus side I no longer have any holes in my drivers floor! And the inner wing is just about done just got to do the engine side of it.

As time goes on I'm pondering taking out the engine and subframe, I'm not sure yet the cross members all seem sound and good metal with the trusty screwdriver and hammer test, there is one small bit on one of them just below the bolt but that can be patched easily without taking subframe out.

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Looks like a good project mate :)

Mine was also very rusty in the lighting frames, but not as much as yours though. I made the edges to the wings and half of the headlights by hand so its possible. But in your case i would remove the entire front and replace it.

If you want new parts the entire front is available at Doctor Manta´s site. Expensive though.

They are normally welded 4 places and are fairly easy to remove. Remember to fit wings and bonnet when fitting the new front ;)

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I havent had a chance to do much with her due to buying a new house that needs lots of work having a serious think about selling, but i dont want to really.


I have a photobucket album with lots of pictures here: http://s166.photobucket.com/user/ad53ggz/library/manta


what are people thoughts is this salvageable or has the rust done too much damage?

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I saw this Manta for sale this morning and I haven't noticed it since then so this one must have sold very fast.


I have put her up for sale but not sure if i will go through with it or not.

Anything can be fixed it just depends if your heart is in it. Might be an idea to look for a better shell and swap all the gear over




I do really like the car, just I am aware of other things eating into my time and not sure if would really have the time, done basically bugger all so far in the time i have had her

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Looks like the usual amount of rust for an A series, no where near as bad as some i have seen that have been saved. if you can find a better front its easy to change. Did mine after some twat in a BMW hit the front. Mins still in build progress after 11 years so if you have the space to store it then i would carry on as once the front is sorted it doesn't look like you have that much left to do.


Mine was very good body wise but its still had both sil's, rear quarter bottom sections, battery try, spare wheel well, some chassis rail work, the front and some of the floor around the jack support and lots of other little bits, so unless your very lucky they all need a fair bit doing when you start to poke about :-)



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