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Sunscreen Decals

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Hi All

I have been contacted by email from a guy who is looking at making sunscreen decals and polo shirts for the cars within the club.

This is the email I received

"Hi, Rob

Thought id email you this to see if you would be interested in this new decal idea I have come up with.....

Sunscreen decal which I have designed and can produce.......(i have done these for
Peugeot Cars in the past & thought be good idea to do the graphics for Manta Cars too)

so see what you
think...... also I could get some Polo Shirts too with Manta logos......

Regards Andy"

Now this is where I would put up a picture of these item logos designs on the forum, but the guy has sent me them on a secure PDF and I can't upload it to my Photobucket account.

I will try and describe the ones he has sent me.

i200 in Rothmans colours blue/amber/white/red /white/amber /blue (with 1200 in white on the blue portion with or without the opel badge)

i240 in yellow /silver /grey (with i240 in silver on the grey portion with or without the opel badge)

i300 in yellow / silver / black (with i300 in yellow on the black portion with or without the opel badge)

400 in yellow / silver / black (with 400 in yellow on the black portion with or without the opel badge)

exclusive in red (with the word exclusive in white alongside the opel badge).

All lettering and no's in the original styling / fonts from the original cars.

He also sent me a copy of the style of one of the Polo shirts he has designed the 400 version, which is in black and yellow diagonal across the chest, black starting on the right shoulder to bottom left of the shirt with the no's 400 (in black) in original format following the line and the word Manta following the line above and further up the shirt.

I am not very good at detailing these, but I think I can send the designs by email if anyone wants to see the designs or have interest in them.

I do need to measure up the sunscreen decals to see if they fit the windscreen correctly at some point.

Please Pm me if you would like an email of these designs



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hi rob would be int in one for my 200 what price are they coming in at??cheers wullie!

Hi Wullie

After all that writing I forget to add the price :ph34r::o

£25 + £5 P&P

Pm me your email address and I will send you a copy of the designs B)

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Hi Rob could you send me the sun screen decal for my i200 pls.

cheers Geoff


Geoff email sent

Stuff crappy GT/Es and anything like a 1.8 then :D

Dan I can always ask him, he will probably make them too ;)

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