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30K Miles Gt/e Hatch White On Ebay

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So what would you consider to be a more accurate price? Are prices rising at all?

I've an exclusive coupe with similar miles but have no idea of the value, would be nice to have an idea.

My other car is a 1989 rs turbo escort, these are still easy to get hold of with maybe 25 on ebay at any one time but still seem to equal if not beat the value of the much more rare manta.

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Early Gtes came with the same dials that one has then later ones had 140mph dials with a different font :)

Well I never.... :blink:, I have had the cav for 30 years & unless I went out to the garage for a look, I couldn't tell you what colour the dials, numbers or whatever are.

You guys really need to get out a bit more.... :lol:

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The change in number style on the dials was made between 1985 and 1986 I think, before the Exclusive came along. I remember one of the car magazines referring to the style of the new numbers as being like the display on a "Korean Microwave", which I thought was somewhat uncharitable.....

I had a 1985 1.8S with the older style dials and had two 1986 hatches with the later dials.

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