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87 Xe Hatch Project


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so after many years of storage and finishing other projects time to finish this one. couple weeks work got my front end painted, axel fitted, dampers, engine painted. waiting on bits at the moment. just got my clutch kit delivered from retro power :thumbup very happy soon will have engine and box in with my new 45 webers. just waiting for a few bits to come back from powder coat. then start on the rear




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yea there free to order but not shortened, i got 60mm springs through them as well and he advised that we shortened the dampers, dont know how much there shortened but when i offered them up to the originals they were very visibly shorter. but he worked it all out for me and they seem spot on. like i say there very helpful and know what there talking about.

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quick update been a while,


ready for topcoat soon


managed to save the tank wasn't to bad



slowly getting there soon be getting all this in the car over my 2 week xmas break, and nearly running on wheels, just need an interior.......... :unsure:

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this weekends work on the gt exclusive. seem to get loads done and find myself on ebay adding items to my basket haha..

heater fitted

brake servo and master cylinder

electric fan for rad

starting to heat wrap exhaust........ :( nightmare hahaha

polo heater fitted ditched the heater valve and made my own elbow for my clearance for the dizzy also fabricated a base plate that bolts through the original holes


clearence issues behind engine, doesn't bother me yea its quite tight but not an issue in my eyes


ashley manifold fits perfect but exhaust wrap 1st time doing 1 bit annoying





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