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Hey folks,

Thought I would say hello here first to start my post count.

Im Barry and I live in Thurso but work down in Aberdeen during the week.

I have been browsing throught the forum for ages as I have been into mantas for years but never been in a position to obtain 1 until now so I bit the bullet and became a fully paid up member :)

Hopefully going to look at it on Friday and take it from there. It will be joining the rest of my Vauxhalls.

Plans for it would be to make it into a rally spec or something along those lines :)

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Welcome. I like that line "The rest of my Vauxhalls". What would they be I wonder, mine is a 1977 Cavalier Coupe, Just the one!!! You have done a wise move by joining this club, you couldn't have made a better choice. Good Luck, and don't forget we like to see photos!!

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Well the rest of the Vauxhall are more modern than that.

I have a MY02 Vectra B 2.6 Gsi saloon as the mile muncher, an MY07 Zafira B SRI 140 XP for the kids, a w reg Vectra B gsi for Bits (Used to be my mile muncher), a mk 3 astra gsi with LET conversion (Needs work to get it going again)

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