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Vauxhall Cavalier Sports Hatch 1.6 Free To Good Home


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I hope this will be of interest to any Manta fans too, as I believe many parts were similar.

Yellow Sports Hatch 1979 Vintage Treg - Complete


It has sat on front garden since 1992. Up till then it drove well.

I fitted myself a brand new recon Vauxhall/Opel 1.6 engine in 1988. It has only about 30k miles on the new engine. However, since it has sat around for 20 years, the rings may be seized etc.


Note that this car is VERY rusty. It would be a very large project to return it to running order. But there may be very many useful parts for Vauxhall/Opel/Coupe/Sportshatch fans. Profile picture is similar to the car on offer, but mine is a a lot more rusty!

Rather than give it to the scrap man for £100 it is on offer free to someone who can make use of it spares or repair. Or if you are feeling generous and it is useful for you, you  can give me £25, LOL.

Note that a winch/lift and a trailer will be needed to extract the car. It is in an awkward location and unlikely to move on its own wheels though you may be able to free them up. Any taker would be responsible for all removal, collection and transportation costs etc

I need to clear the front garden for house refurbishment so if no takers then it will go to the scrap man within two or three weeks.

Location: Baldock Hertfordshire. J 9/10 A1(m)

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Contact me if anyone interested.

It is on the front garden. You are welcome to have a look any time.

It is very rusty and a bit of an awkward location. You will winch and trailer, and maybe 4wd and strong tow rope to pull out. Will need some work freeing up wheels etc.

Several people interested at the moment, but I'm not "holding" it for anyone. First to turn up with the gear and remove complete secures ;) 

Behind a skip at the moment, but skip will move in a couple of days. 

I will take pics when skip moves if still available.
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Some guys came to trailer it away and towed it out from the back end. 

Whereupon it broke in two at the engine bulkhead!

It's still there, minus back axle and carb is reserved by someone else. All other parts available inc Engine !

Will go to the scrap man in a few days so get your Manta/Mk1 cavalier parts now or never.

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It has now gone for scrap. Sorry about that, but a few Manta and Cavalier fans did get parts including rear axle, windscreen, carb, various badges and trim.


I needed to clear the space as have contractors coming in to refurbish house/drive.


If you are interested here are pics of it being loaded last week in this thread on another forum:


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I drove down from West Wales to collect this, There was no way I was going to get it onto my open bottom trailer..

I'd never seen anything like it! I climbed in through the boot to try opening the doors, the drivers door and wing just fell off when I pushed it! Ended up getting the back axle off after a good old struggle.

Thanks though Vern, another part to the build :)

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Last year I put pictures on the Facebook omoc page of my 'new' manta coupe folding exactly the same way ,I also had to leave it where it was and ended up stripped it on site as it would never have went on my trailer, I'll see if pictures are still about,

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