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Black gsi manta hatch (club car)

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Always liked this one,lovely genuine looking car and got to be good value when you compare this to that white one at 6,5k:blink:

and this looks better imhoB)


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And it won't need welding in the foreseeable future :-))) not many mantas you can say that about . Wasn't expecting to sell it just after shelling out for a brand new set of michelins and the fuel tank rebuild but I've a sudden personal need to get my house project finished pronto - needs must

I think I've priced it fairly :-)

Would be nice if it stayed in the club 

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Crazy world! I was just saying to my Dad today,, how long it must have been since I'd seen a Manta on the road. Literally can't remember the last time! And then this pops up in my Postcode! Not only that, there's a white one in the pics too!

How the bally hell have I not seen these!? lol.

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There is? where? i can't see it !!

if you keep on scrolling down the add,you will come to additional pics that mr carlos has added,and you will see it in the background parked up.

Mantaman unable to find a manta,must be losing your touch mate.:lol:

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