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CIH twin carbs


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Fitting a set of twin carbs to the 400 rep, took inlet manifold off and saw that the inlet and exhaust manifolds are connected.


Is there a blanking plate available anywhere, or can someone recommend a good replacement exhaust manifold?

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The single carb manifold set-up has this hole in the top of the exhaust manifold to provide carb heat and prevent carb icing on cold damp days.

 On a GT/E exhaust manifold this is blank, but as you are trying to improve the performance with twin carbs i would suggest replacing the exhaust manifold with a performance tubular variaty, this would compliment the twin carbs perfectly removing the restrictive cast iron manifold, good flow in, good flow out !

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 There is one other posiblity, have a system built by a specialist, not cheap but as hugely expensive as might be imagined.

 I had a Manifold back system made for my 1800 hatch out of top grade stainless for just over £500, life time garantee, it was made at this bussiness -

 Top Gear Aylesbury - click here

 The head man here can make whole systems for any car, he has been making them for over thirty years and you can tell by talking to him that there really isn't much anybody could tell him about exhausts !

I do appreciate that you are in Ireland but there must be similar bussiness there, especially considering how popular all forms of motorsport are in Ireland..

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Really don't bother with a tubular one unless your on a big capacity 2.3 or 2.5, its a total waste of time and money. The tubular one will also be a pig to fit with sidedraughts. The cast manifold is very good as std, You can make it better by smoothing the casting flash off to to improve it a little (but not much!!!!). Invest in a bigger bore system and downpipes for far more gains. I ran a std GTE manifold and downpipes to a home built 2.5" system on a tuned 2.2, that was putting out about 180bhp. If you still want to spend your dosh on one at least buy a good one. Check the Martelius manifolds out, think they are about 350-400 quid.




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