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Seeking further info on the 4WD prototypes


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I have also gotten a reply from the Quaife Engineering employee that first replied to my email: he says that Mick Quaife confirms that he bought the rally prototype from Opel for use in rallycross and sold it not long after since it "was not what he wanted", yet the car was "acceptably fast", per the statement. I am trying to find out more details but it is not easy having to go through an intermediary.
This seems to confirm the first part of the story. KGM has yet to reply, which would be great if they did since they are the last known owners of the car before they sold it off. I will, of course, share my findings with the community.
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Since all parties we had been hinted towards have either ignored us or refused to cooperate, we have decided to terminate our research towards finding the current owners. Still, much was learned in the process and basically what we know is already in this thread or linked to within. I'm also glad that it didn't get sidetracked too much. May it help future seekers of information about the Manta 4WD prototypes.

That being said, thank you to everyone who positively contributed!

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not related to this thread but ive have been in contact with british engineer for a few years, who worked with opel at russelshiem during this period and beyond (as in physically worked on the cars)  i was not quizzing about this car, it just incidental knowledge.  he said it was a manta400 gearbox with new bellhousing to accept furguson transfer box, front diff hubs and suspension also furguson.  the reason the project was abandoned was due to abnormally short front drive shafts, physically limiting suspension travel (drastically compared to 2wd manta) to the point it was damaging the wishbones.  the boxes were converted back to RWD spec and reused, as was the 4x4 manta prototype car.

he also said the parts were tried in a kadett D, but only built to rolling shell and then abandoned

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