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Manta in a farmyard - Abbotsbury Dorset

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Hi there


I'm not a usual poster but saw the manta in the picture laid up in a farmyard in Abbotsbury Dorset, its in a farmyard between two barns on New Barn Lane just a bit past the Abbotsbury Swannery, I've nothing to do with the car other than spotting it so please make your own enquiries, the car looks in pretty good nick all in all



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It was registered in March 2007. The 'EL' suffix was Bournemouth, so a local car.

It could be one of the original Exclusives, but suspect Dan is right. Who'd fit the bump strips to an Exclusive!

I've tracked it down on Google maps:


It was uncovered when this was taken (July 2016).  

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We were staying in Chickerell, just down the road a while back. Even went to Abbotsbury to photograph the Swans! Just goes to show that their are a few out there still.

A few years back (before marriage I hasten to add), I got quite freindly with a barmaid from our local pub. She lived with her grandparents on a farm and one day, when I was picking her up for work she dragged me off into one of the barns.....(I thought I was quids in)..... but it turned out to be an early Blue Berlinetta, which had been stored for many years. It had about 40k on the clock and was in lovely condition.

Long since gone - I've checked but I always wonder about what happened to that one as she was a beauty..........and the Berlinetta was nice too. ;-)

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