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Iam posting this question again in the wrong place , but still U ,S .with these , but you all be used to me the  goerdie maccum from ova ere in gods country northeast . Question iv been watching a programme the other day on free view , from a long time back but cannot remember if it was top gear or salvage hunters were they ended up in a museum full of cars , cannot remember if it was wales or England , but in the background there was a opel manta gte exclusive there , most cars have been donated to it . Anybody know were and wot program it was .

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Zooming in on the photo, it looks like GTE on the seat. I read somewhere else that RHD GTE's ordered through local Opel dealers by forces personnel based in Germany were usually delivered badged as GSi's. Not sure if Manta's ordered/bought in Eire were badged as GSi or GTE. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to answer that one though. 

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