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Ebay: 86D Black GT/E Hatch for sale £5500

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1 hour ago, starmist said:

Looks nice, especially in black for a change.

Yes, first black hatch I've seen in a long time. I suspect the decals have been changed at some point as I don't think red was standard back in 86. They were either white or silver. 

1 hour ago, Rapierdave said:

Looks a pretty good example, shame about the dreaded sunroof rot.

Tis a pity about the roof. Who knows what's hiding underneath. 

The headlights don't look so bad in the photos. 

On the plus side it looks like it's been cared for and the seats look good. 

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Very nice car that, rare colour too.

It must of had paint or something as the decals are the wrong colour, it’s also a Hatch not a coupe Mr eBay seller.  

Needs axle reconditioning!

clocks don’t work! (Voltage reg & maybe coil amplifier)

the grill trim and washer jets are missing. 

Headlights are basically no good. 

Ot is a nice car and a nice colour but at that price with those faults! It’s keen 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Back on Ebay again. Still at £5450.


There are additional photos at the bottom of the 'Full Description'. The front seats look brand new!

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