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Opel Manta Front Seat


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HI all , when I cleared out the inside of the car today the previous owner had left this seat wrapped up. it does not match my interior and maybe is from another model manta.

the seat is in extremely good condition and no damage to the bolster or rips. anyway , this is now for sale to whoever wants or needs this.

As i am new to Mantas I have no clue what it is worth which is why i dont have a price. you guys will know .

I am located in Hertfordshire near Watford/ Hemel, about 15 mins from junction 8 M1 or 10 mins from Junc 20 M25.




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Please hold fire on this for a week or so as the previous owner is going to his garage to get the spare parts and he may also have the other front seat plus the rears. This would then bbe a whole set for sale. Hopefully the other seats, if present are in the same condition.



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46 minutes ago, Wheelybin22 said:

Still for sale?

Hi, I am just waiting to see if the previous owner has the rest of the interior but there are two people who have already showed interest and will be offered first .

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Hi, definately interested in the seat. It is what I have been looking for. What are you thinking of regarding price?

Don't wonder about my location, that will not be a problem. Easily worked out if we do a deal.

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