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Manta A/Ascona A?


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Just trying to find out if dashboard for Manta A and Ascona A are identical? Reason for asking is that I've been offered an Ascona A in left hand drive, and trying to work out if I could swap to right hand drive with a Manta A dashboard/bulkhead etc? 



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Thanks Paul. Just need to think through the logistics now!  There's a couple of Manta A stored in a shipping container that are very poor condition, but could potentially get one of them for parts if I can get the owner to realise the cars will unlikely ever get on the road again, and so only worth anything as spares. Bodies were rough, insect-infested, and was a bit of a health hazard going in the container with them about three years ago ....... but I still remember the visit! 😉

Presume I will need the bulkhead/firewall too. Anything else?

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Bulk head almost the same just need to put clutch cable bulge on right side. Servo holes are stamped in bulk head and steering column bulge there. Swop over the bracket for top steering column fixing. You need to either extend wiring for ignition to right or put wiring loom from rhd into yours. 


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