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Track Manta


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Aye I've got a video but it's long I'll try to edit it and stick it on here. Also got an incar.

That's the 1st I've been out properly so still having teething troubles but it's not far away. Don't get me wrong it's not a show winner but it's solid enough and it's got all the right parts.

No the springs are right I'm sure. The thicker springs in the front (more weight). 

Wee moment 😂😂

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It's got a 4HA Jaguar LSD that works well. It is quite a narrow track. Used for sprints and rallying, still good fun though. There's an even tighter section that I ended up in by accident (when I overshot the hairpin). 

The car originally was built for drifting I think. Just making some adjustments to suit what I'm looking for.

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Thinking of selling the Saab powered Manta. I've lost my storage and it's sitting outside with a cover over it currently. Only used it once in the last year, the Covid situation hasn't helped. I don't want to leave it like this outside over the coming winter. Does anyone else store their pride and joy outside and is it really as bad as I think it will be. 

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16 minutes ago, Ems said:

My Manta is outside all year.  I keep it taxed all year so I can drive it in the winter as well.

It's the fear of rust creeping in. I don't want to leave it over the winter then have to do loads of welding for the next mot or are they not that bad?

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Like you I have also considered selling the car as I have nowhere dry to store it.  It would be better for the car if it was inside a warm garage all winter.

My car hasn't been too bad, I wash and wax it before winter to give it some protection, after this it only gets the occasional wash  until it warms up again.

Now it's got some surface rust in places where the filler that blends the arches to the shell has cracked and a few small patches elsewhere.  I'm not too worried at the moment as I'd like to get it re-sprayed within the next couple of years.  Underneath was solid when it had the last MOT. 

During winter I have more of a problem with water getting in to the car, the windows misting up and a useless heater.





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Cheapest undercover i seen was a top rail from a 40ft curtain sider bolted to a wall, about 18ft in length, it was about 5ft up the wall.

A old curtain sider was used and as per trailer, with sliders in place. The opposite side had a frame to the ground, and about 4 ft off the ground, the rachet things on the curtainsider was used on this side without the wall he had more curtainsider material drapped down as a side protection.The ground was flagged 1m x 1m flags. 

Car had one foot either side and at least two foot front and back, guy said it cost him twenty quid, and a tenner in raw bolts.

Cheapest garage Ive ever seen! 

I make rudimental covers using curtainsider for shells i have outside that are future projects. As placing them directly on the car will damage paint. But, they are lifted two foot of the ground, and surprisingly even in the wettest of weathers, cars are bone dry. These covers never leak, it could rain for days on end, no bother, still dry underneath.

Cars die uncovered in wet weather when they are not driven, no air getting to em,  and sitting for months on end, parking on grass is a big no no.

So there you go, find a scrap 40ft trailer and a few flags, sorted, gravel or stoney ground is the best for drainage. 



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