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Rust converter on exhaust


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Herman, have you ever heard of molasses? Try you tube.

It takes about 2 to three weeks, less destructive than sandblasting. What are your thoughts to protect it afterwards? Ceramic coating? 

I like the three week waiting time, as it relaxes the time, allows me to put my feet up! Relax and wait, and not listening to a noisy grinder with wire wheel. 

All i needs is a truck of molasses, and a large manta size swimming pool! 


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Hi Evo, never heard about molasses so I checked it out on internet. Weird what you can do with sugar related sirop...The exhaust pipe is allready cleaned with yes the grinder and with Rustyco rust eater. Just wondering what will happen when I use rustconverter (that stuff that colours the bare metal into a bleu/black finish) on that exhaust pipe? Will it give fumes or will it peel of again? Maybe I'v got to try it on a piece of metal and heat it, or on the exhaust manifold of my Son's Corsa😁


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2 hours ago, H-400 said:

Maybe I'v got to try it on the exhaust manifold of my Son's Corsa😁

That is just wrong! :lol::lol:

Molasses sugar syrup, eats into rust and removes it, it is gentle enough if the metal is in good condition to polish to a mirror finish, it leaves no residue, and final step would be to wire brush metal, and either prime, paint or protect, 

The rust coverter, cannot be left unprotected, metal will rust again.

I suggest molasses, as it is natural, needs washed of with water, a tank is better to dip large parts. Then high temp paint, or better ceramic coating. 

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