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Lockdown project £4000 Ono


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You know when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew 😂

so it’s a Monaco blue exclusive coupe majority of welding has been done obviously still needs work (sills/arch) I do have these panels (for sale separately if needed) 

the worst part as you would expect is the roof (I have a roof panel again can be bought separately if needed)

all interior is present and in good condition 

all glass is with it (green tint) 

all exclusive parts (twin headlights/wheels/ 3 piece spoiler/infill panel exetra are present) 

engine/gearbox present as is logbook 

I have way to many mantas at the moment (400r mantadocs j plate  Paul Barrett’s exclusiveand another coupe away getting welded with mantasport so I’m desperate for space

i would say the car is complete for parts although in boxes the only missing parts I can think of is no headlining or exhaust or cardboard petrol tank cover may be other parts but I should have anything needed to make a full car 

there is rust /marks on panels ( bonnet/wings/doors but very salvageable in my opinion 

any questions please text or ring me on 07949129101 

social spacing must be adhered to but I’m sure we can work that part out 

cheers shaun














I have more pics but that’s all it will let me upload










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No paperwork (apart from log book which is here in my name and a few old mot certificates)it’s got lost somewhere between owners there was some when I first owned it couple years ago bought it from a guy on here then sold it on then bought it back with all good intentions as we all do then ended up buy Paul’s exclusive and now I’m out of space 

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If I can get £4000 I can now throw in a solid roof  

I got the j reg (mantadocs old coupe ) almost finished and on the road while I was on lockdown pics to follow at weekend

so I have way to many cars at the moment and not enough space I will also be selling the coupe I bought from Paul Barret  I’ve decided these cars need driving and enjoyed and I have 5 so I could do with getting rid of a couple I will get an advert up for this at the weekend hopefully 😂


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