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Ebay: 83 Manta GTE Coupe £6950

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Hi Gents,

It's a trader called Mike selling it, we did a deal on another Project which I will move on in the summer. I'll be looking for a SR ideally possibly even an A.

I just couldn't get on with the quarters and it was time to give someone with the skills a chance to get the car back on the road.

It's a solid base alright, and has 99 percent of the parts to fix.

There is some rot where the rear quarter meets the cill but if the quarter is swapped that will be all good, the rear lower panel has been replaced as at some point it has had a rear shunt which has bent one of the rear quarters, if you look in the boot they have been hammered out, hence why back in the day someone put on the Mantzel kit to hide the damage. Other thing is a small hole in the front inner wheel arch, no big deal though. 

Loads of pics for anyone interested in my Project thread.

I'd be swapping both quarters and if you don't have the skills then steer clear unless you have deep pockets.

Before I forget I hope he changed the fuel lines or at least cleaned them before running it, rotten outside so probably as bad inside, brake pipes need done too. 

2nd rear quarter had flexed in storage before I bought it and had surface rust which I covered in bilt hamber to protect.

Gutted to move it on but no choice sadly as I just don't have space nor the money to keep both.

I'm sure anyone on here would strike a good deal but I would want to pay 5 tops, he is up for a good haggle so it would be nice to see it go to a good home.

I will be back, just need to find the right Manta! 

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