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exhaust rubber ring

simon powell

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14 hours ago, Jessopia74 said:

I found them at a local factors, like 65pence each. Pretty universal exhaust part, unless you specifically want Opel part

all the ones i am finding are 10 to 15mm smaller

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8 hours ago, simon powell said:

all the ones i am finding are 10 to 15mm smaller

Sadly I threw away the bag 🙈

might have been 2-3mm in them but not a huge variation from the old one 

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Don't know if this helps

DAIHATSU                 90301-36001-000
GENERAL MOTORS  09 275 338
MAZDA                      F601-40-061
MERCEDES-BENZ    113.492.00.82
MITSUBISHI              MB 059 522


Interchange Parts for GENERAL MOTORS 09 275 338
Brand Sku Type Name Relevance  
SWAG 40 91 7427 Muffler Hanger SWAG 40 91 7427 Muffler Hanger Direct Details»
HJS 83 14 1621 Muffler Hanger HJS 83 14 1621 Muffler Hanger Direct Details»
FEBI BILSTEIN 17427 Clamp, silencer FEBI BILSTEIN 17427 Clamp, silencer Direct Details»
AUTOMEGA 3008520713 Exhaust System Holder AUTOMEGA 3008520713 Exhaust System Holder Direct Details»
LUO'S 313024 Clamp, silencer LUO'S 313024 Clamp, silencer Direct Details»
JP GROUP 1221600300 Holding Bracket, silencer JP GROUP 1221600300 Holding Bracket, silencer Direct Details»
OPEL 08 52 713 Muffler Hanger OPEL 08 52 713 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
JP GROUP 880852713 Clamp, silencer JP GROUP 880852713 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
TOPRAN 201 714 Holding Bracket, silencer TOPRAN 201 714 Holding Bracket, silencer Indirect Details»
OPEL 8 52 713 Exhaust System Holder OPEL 8 52 713 Exhaust System Holder Indirect Details»
VAUXHALL 09275338 Exhaust System Holder VAUXHALL 09275338 Exhaust System Holder Indirect Details»
GENERAL MOTORS 9275338 Clamp, silencer GENERAL MOTORS 9275338 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
QUINTON HAZELL 420102 Clamp, silencer QUINTON HAZELL 420102 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
OPEL 09275338 Muffler Hanger OPEL 09275338 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
SIDEM OP-631 Clamp, silencer SIDEM OP-631 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
ARVIN 420102 Muffler Hanger ARVIN 420102 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
AURADIA R 420102 Muffler Hanger AURADIA R 420102 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
VAICO V40-0001 Muffler Hanger VAICO V40-0001 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
ERNST 499 02 6 Muffler Hanger ERNST 499 02 6 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
VEMO 40-0001 Clamp, silencer VEMO 40-0001 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
VEMO V40-0001 Clamp, silencer VEMO V40-0001 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
EBERSPACHER 08.376.911 Muffler Hanger EBERSPACHER 08.376.911 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
DAIHATSU 90301-36001-000 Clamp, silencer DAIHATSU 90301-36001-000 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
HANOMAG 255-659 Holding Bracket, silencer HANOMAG 255-659 Holding Bracket, silencer Indirect Details»
MAZDA F601-40-061 Rubber Strip, exhaust system MAZDA F601-40-061 Rubber Strip, exhaust system Indirect Details»
MERCEDES-BENZ 113 492 00 82 Muffler Hanger MERCEDES-BENZ 113 492 00 82 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MB059522 Muffler Hanger MITSUBISHI MB059522 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI MB313732 Muffler Hanger MITSUBISHI MB313732 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
MITSUBISHI XB 059 522 Clamp, silencer MITSUBISHI XB 059 522 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
BOSAL 255-459 Rubber Buffer Silencer BOSAL 255-459 Rubber Buffer Silencer Indirect Details»
BOSAL 255-659 Full Exhaust System Parts BOSAL 255-659 Full Exhaust System Parts Indirect Details»
WALKER 81217 Muffler Hanger WALKER 81217 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
WALKER 81223 Rubber Strip, exhaust system WALKER 81223 Rubber Strip, exhaust system Indirect Details»
WALKER 81238 Muffler Hanger WALKER 81238 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
DINEX 33807 Rubber Strip, exhaust system DINEX 33807 Rubber Strip, exhaust system Indirect Details»
FA1 003-935 Clamp, silencer FA1 003-935 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
MAL辰 23835 Clamp, silencer MAL辰 23835 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
FONOS 81217 Rubber Strip, exhaust system FONOS 81217 Rubber Strip, exhaust system Indirect Details»
FONOS 81238 Rubber Strip, exhaust system FONOS 81238 Rubber Strip, exhaust system Indirect Details»
IMASAF 09.10.22 Exhaust System Holder IMASAF 09.10.22 Exhaust System Holder Indirect Details»
IMASAF 09.10.78 Exhaust System Holder IMASAF 09.10.78 Exhaust System Holder Indirect Details»
IMASAF 09.10.99 Exhaust System Holder IMASAF 09.10.99 Exhaust System Holder Indirect Details»
KLARIUS 420102 Clamp, silencer KLARIUS 420102 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
KLARIUS 420103 Exhaust System Holder KLARIUS 420103 Exhaust System Holder Indirect Details»
KLARIUS 420163 Clamp, silencer KLARIUS 420163 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
KLARIUS 420168 Exhaust System Holder KLARIUS 420168 Exhaust System Holder Indirect Details»
KAGER 00-1502 Muffler Hanger KAGER 00-1502 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
MEYLE 014 049 0009 Muffler Hanger MEYLE 014 049 0009 Muffler Hanger Indirect Details»
TOYOTA 90301-33001 Clamp, silencer TOYOTA 90301-33001 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
TOYOTA 90301-36001 Clamp, silencer TOYOTA 90301-36001 Clamp, silencer Indirect Details»
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