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Pics of my new baby. (Such a proud dad!)


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Hi all,

I've always been a lover of the Manta, having been a Vauxhall mechanic for 11 years, (that was a few years ago now), but ever since a guy came in one day with a red Exclusive Coupe, with the Blitz interior, 400 mirros etc, i've been hooked. I mean, just look at them, what a stunning looking piece of workmanship! [:P]

Anyway, its finally taken me this long to get my arse in gear, (and a house with a garage), to get myself one.

I picked her up just over 2 months ago and ain't stop smiling yet. Just can't help but smile everytime i take her out (which hasn't been very often. Thank you British weather!). This sometimes turns into laughter when i see these plastic jelly moulds that they call cars these days!!!

Some of you may remember this car on Ebay, and when the guy said he had spent around £20k on it, he wasn't joking.

Went through it with a fine toothcomb as you do, and apart from small little niggly things, she really was in tip-top condition.

She's been kitted out with a full leather re-trim with red pipeing and Opel Motorsport badges on the headrests, electric windows, remote central locking, and most importantly, a full strip down and enough waxoyle to make 1 million candles! [^]

I still have few jobs to do to 'make her my own'. I've just fitted a pair of 400 mirrors, fitted clear front indicator lenses, and removed the slightly naff 'i200' and 'GTE' stickers from the front and rear. Next on the list is to fit a standard rear bumper, as i think Manta's look so much better with one. (Any takers on the one thats on there?)

The biggest job however, and most important, is converting her from auto to manual.

Thats all from me for now. Hope to be at Billing this year and get a chance to meet some of you fine people.


All feedback is welcome.










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OMG wonderful leather Recaros, couldn't you just kill for them.

Other tastefully done Recaros in "Plumsters" sports hatch too.

Excellent looking motor there Taffy_Opel, appreciate what you are saying about the rear Valence thingey, very much an acquired taste I think, hide a little too much of the Manta lines too, I had one similar fitted years back, but that was due to a nasty 4rse end (the car that is, not me[:)]) and not having the skills at the time to sort out the stuff it was hiding.

Lovely looking car, you must be well pleased.


Am I really bidding on a stuffed stoat???? speaking of stuffed stoats....

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quote:Whats the auto like to drive - I have never tried a Manta with an auto box.


The box is lovely and smooth, probably due to the fact that the guy hadn't long had it re-conditioned before i bought it.

But, as with all auto's, its lazy and boring. Can't beat the feel of a stick in your hand. (Ooo err!) [:P][:P][:P]

If anyone knows of someone who's in need of an auto box, once i've done the manual conversion i'll keep you posted. Along with the box and all its bits is a brand new centre console whixh has never been fitted.

On that note, anyone with a manual gearbox and pedal box, centre console etc?????


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