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  1. Yesterday
  2. One nightmare is enough Thanks Ian ,l am more than surprised that it’s tuned out so well, never use this paint before well better than cellulose paint
  3. If you are going to repaint this use k2 paint,l have never used before today Its so easy to use and covered very well
  4. Its gradually coming down in price. 😉
  5. Camelion red Vauxhall. Good start there 😂
  6. Thank you! I've had it since 2001 but the tax ran out in July 2000 so I'd say 19 years. It's been stored in a garage for 18 years then had to move it because the garages were being renovated. Ideally I need to get it back in there before winter sets in.
  7. Looks pretty good doesn’t it, how long has it been off the road? Good luck with the recommissioning project!
  8. Well seen as it was a nice day I thought I'd spend some time looking at the manta. I'm actually surprised how good the car is. The chassis looks solid as it's been waxoiled. There is some scabs and rust on the doors and sills but nothing major. The worst is the nose cone. Really looking forward to getting it back on the road. I've started stripping the engine down to remove it and rebuild it hence why there is no front bumper. Here's some pictures
  9. Wayne now you’re nearly done & have conquered reacting paint, can I send you mine? 😜
  10. Ok thanks Wayne to be honest think I'm flogging a dead horse with this one just removed the soggy now 3 piece rad surround it's crumbling away not even sure what shape the bottom bit should be may have something made up but can't really see the point as not seen.this truly is a poor choice of material for this job.
  11. Hopefully l get to it on Monday as have painted sticky today,Turned out quite well If you like it just pay for postage
  12. cheers Wayne no hurry.well it's a big improvement tho the surface finish is terrible once it's dried out completely contact adhesive on the bottom of the bends can see where it has torn away then going to try sanding got to be careful as this material is very fiberrous and finnished in Matt black in an attempt to obscure any imperfections.
  13. Lovely Wayne - very well done! This paint has thrown you a few curve balls over the last few weeks, but it looks like you now have it conquered
  14. So got to the paint shop this morning, ask a lot of questions got good answers, very good support from the paint shop l have not been looking forward to doing this as l never used k2 paint before Quite surprise on the answers l got so l started to paint at about 12 o’clock ,put 2 coats of paint on and looking excellent This paint is so easy to use, If you are thinking of doing a paint job use this paint Got to do one more coat of paint, will have to sort out some runs, so l have bared myself from the garage for 2/3 days Having a look at the headlights l got they are looking good, Was thinking of painting the inside of the headlights sliver ,( the bit that goes to the glass) Has this been done before Cut the XS carpet off the rear trims put holes in for the clips Going to sort the wiring out on the front spot lights So will have nothing to report over the next few days Have a good weekend everyone Just had a thought ,can l still call the manta sticky as the is no sticks on it any more
  15. Last night was another late night in the garage, I went up to bed at about 03:00 in the end, then got up again about 08:00 to crack on I have made some pretty decent progress though: 1) Last night I got the new thermostat and gasket fitted. 2) Topped up the cooling system again. 3) Reset the carburettor to (exactly) every dimension/setting in the Haynes manual and any other reference material I had available. 4) Reconnected all vacuum hoses, linkages, cables etc This morning I fired here up and I can report: a) The exhaust blow has definately gone b) the exhaust knocking/rattling on other components has all gone c) The engine starts and runs sweeeeet! - much better than before - I am VERY happy with that work! This mornings task was to continue working through the 'snagging' list. The one I have been avoiding was the boot lock. You may remember that my 'eyelid' was missing: I inherited a couple of Manta door locks with this cover on, so I set about trying to take one of those apart to see if I could transfer the bit I needed across to the Cav. A bit of brute force and plenty of ignorance gave me this. This is the part that I needed: I discovered that it was pressed on and seemed to 'snap' over a ridge on the lock cylinder/barrel. Some careful and well placed taps with a hammer and a panel pin nail, got it off: Then I soon discovered that the hinged 'eyelid' was under the cap and consisted of three parts: a spring, spindle and the window itself: Next I discovered that the Cav's 'aperture' for the window was about 0.5 mm smaller than the Manta's, so I had to file a bit off each of the pin retaining holes on the window itself to make sure it would sit in and move freely - fast forward about an hour after all that faffing around and we have this: Of course the final piece of the jigsaw is to fit the outer top cap back on. I found this quite easy to do as I used my vice to ensure a slow, steady and 'square' push: Final test: And what we set out to achieve at the start: Will pop out to put it back on the car after lunch. Please Note! The amount of effort you have to put into this job, probably isn't worth the end result... kind of satisfying though Have a lovely weekend everyone
  16. 1.8 GT Hatch in red for sale in Gumtree, https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/1983-opel-manta-18-gt-3-door-hatchback/1346786741?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  17. Interested to see how you get on recovering that steering wheel. I got quoted around £500+vat to do a wheel by a company that coverts all our Merc vitos to leather!
  18. I can see it but can’t get to it at this time as l an painting sticky this weekend Will get to it when l get a chance
  19. Couldn't sleep that's night work for you so checked the rad tray and has flattened out well now to get the sides unpright again should have done it this way the first time.oh well off to bed I go...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  20. Last week
  21. Fantastic is it for sale by any chance? If not could you give accurate measurements and angles I'm guessing all 90 degree bends? Will help making a new one.
  22. Good point, that was also a consideration for me. I've got the manifold coated inside and out by Jet Hot, and have a heatshield between the two manifolds, but it still gets very hot in there.
  23. I made one a few years ago its In the garage somewhere ,if l find it will post photos
  24. It's really has two purposes to deaden sound and keep the heat off the bonnet especially from the exhaust manifold I have a land rover D1 and a MK3 golf both have missing liners and both have damaged paint work in this area on the outside surface.
  25. radiator tray now this one is really bad what genius thought this type of material would be perfect for the job. kitchen now clean so it had a hot bath and outside drying using the same technique but with wood cut to size underneath so it doesn't get crushed.all things considered I feel it's a waste on time refitting this so just getting it good enough as a template and have one made in stainless and again graphics.may I just state don't let it soak for too long as I feel the black layer will start to separate on edges and damaged areas .
  26. What he says ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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