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    AFM testing

    They are almost impossible to test at home as you can check the wiper but not the combination of spring pressure v position of the wiper. The only way to do it at home is to check the wiper electrically then using a wide band lambda and check the fueling across the rev range. If it is out you can adjust the spring tension under the cover. If you still can't get it right it's time for a refurb, assuming everything else is ok. There just isn't any reliable way to test these with just a multimeter.
  3. Thank you for all help and welcomes! I'll have a test made with 529 flame red. Now I have to decide wether to put on a spoiler or not up front. Guess I'll make a project thread now πŸ˜€ Again, Thank you all πŸ™‚
  4. hoobby

    AFM testing

    Well all cleaned and back together has made no difference to its behaviour
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  6. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-i200-i240-i300-Or-i400-Rear-3-Piece-Spoiler-/124197754813?nma=true&si=xUaZ39vpDkDV234vNfknsPTbyRk%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Missed out on a 400 Spoiler a couple of years ago which sold for around Β£80. The seller was not aware it was a special 400 version. I only noticed after it sold!!!
  8. hoobby

    AFM testing

    Cheers jess think I'll carefully remove the cover and give it a clean up had it on a digital meter and its all over the place.
  9. The 400 should have the narrow lip
  10. I bookmarked this a few days ago mate, guy spent a lot of time on L jetronic stuff, might help with testing &setup. http://alfa-wahnsinn.de/L-jetronic-america_gtv6.pdf
  11. Analogue Resistance meter between pin 5 & 7 slowly & steadily open flap thought I would see the needle drop steadily down but keep get little increases through the whole sweep range VID_20200606_132216.mp4 car is starts first time every time and idles well fine to drive round town but on open road doesn't accelerate any where near as well as the 2.0s I had before.dirty sweeper plate?. Mot co2 check came out at 0.2 running lean?
  12. Got a couple of A series dash boards with rev counters in them, not tested but they came out of working cars. I also use to have the 3 gauges and the pod but would need to check the loft to see if its still up there. I can check later and send pics for you. Andy
  13. Welcome to the club Anders, Although this is a B series chart it will give you an idea of colours and codes. Scroll through to the bottom to see colours. There's also this A series chart which may help.
  14. Any pics and correct info on which spoiler I should use would be great thanks
  15. i saw a guy put an m3 bmw motor in a manta i think its on youtube he also made mant 400 [type] arches using the steel wings and quarters very neat way of doing things an all steel ime getting fromthis fit whatever you want/have lol
  16. I have rover v8 in my rally car, c20xe on twin webber's in my mancona, tuned 2.4 in my i240r and a BMW M50B25 in my commodore. I'd choose the bmw lump over the lot for reliability, drivability and power. The commodore is one of the most fun things I've ever driven with the BMW engine and box in.
  17. As above i240/400 spoiler has a thinner lip, feels softer and the fixing bolts are in a slightly different location. I have a new old stock one I could take pictures of later if needed
  18. Yesterday
  19. Auto cars have a slightly bigger tunnel for the gearbox.
  20. Nice looking Manta. I'd say the colour looks like it's Signal Red. No idea what the code is however.
  21. Thanks for the welcome Sadly, I don't. I guess that would have saved it, but it's missing.
  22. Hi Anders, welcome on this forum. I have also a 2.4 in my Manta and it is a nice improvement . About the colour: do you have the original VIN plate on the right side in the engine bay? Grts, Herman
  23. Hello Gentlemen. My name in Anders and I am a fresh owner of a Manta A -75. I bought it on an impulse late fall last year, unseen and untested, drove it to my parents place and parked it indoors over winter. Not really looking things over at that time other than thinking it needed some work to shine as it should. Soooo, now I have brought it home. It was a 1500 km long drive with zero problems and many smiles. And I have had half a year to collect parts and excuses to do things with it... Other than a new set of rims and a little bit of lowering, I will keep it looking next to stock. It has had a new engine installed in a previous life, so I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong by swapping in a 2,4 with a 2,0 head, a getrag 240 and new internals in the rear end. Also there will be bigger brakes at least in front. Goal: make it more driveable with lower rpms at normal highway speed. Bonus: More torque. And there is a respray in here too. I have read a lot in this forum about this car, and I look forward to participate and learn as I plan to keep this car for a long time. I still have my first car (strange enough it's a Volvo sugga that I bought two years before I was old enough to drive a car legaly) and I have had it for almost 35 years now, so some cars are keepers to me πŸ₯° If it's ok to ask my first question in this forum along with my introduction it will be: What colour code do you guys think I have? Don't mind the black stuff πŸ™‚, it's the orange colour I'm wondering about. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Best wishes from Norway ☺️
  24. thats lush i actually now of a low mileage lexus 1uz moror with oom auto box prop ect even has a bmw 535 manual box to convert to
  25. Hi I am looking for a Manta Getrag 1.8 5 Speed gearbox a sump pan and engine mounts, please make contact if you can help. Many thanks Andy
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