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Ascona - XE Project

lewis p

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Hi guys,

Thought it best that I start up my own project thread as I am now managing to find the bits that I need. (Thanks to those of you that helped me [;)] )

Ok, so I bought the car from a cracking guy on here for the very good price of £900. The car is an unrestored genuine 53k miler having been owned from new by a gentlemen who obviously treasured it. The exterior is gorgeous with only some slight bubbling around the rear window but apart from that she is straight. The interior (horrible colour) is also in very good order with only the drivers seat suffering some wear.

The guy I bought it off dropped it by about 40mm and fitted the ATS wheels that you can see in the pic's below. Now alot people say it should be left as is but to me in it's current guise it is just a bit 'Grandaddy' and in need of some beefing up. Not everyone will agree and I respect those opinions but hey, it's my car and therefore my choice

So the initial plan is to stick a 2.0 16v XE engine her running on fuel injection and probably change the interior as well. I now know those parts that I need to source to carry out the conversion and I am pleased to say that I have most of them now I'll probably run the XE for next year but I'm sure that a C20LET will be going in at some point. [:0]

I'll keep updating this thread as work gets underway so that you can see our progress.









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quote:Originally posted by paulmanta

I have pm'ed you through the astra club site, want to have a chat about some parts etc.

Have you started to do anything to it yet ?

-----People, don't you understand

The child needs a helping hand

Or he'll grow to be an angry young man some day-----


PM'd ya back mate [:D]

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Just my tuppenceworth but,(you know where this is going) if you must mod don`t cut,bash,or bend the bodywork cos in 3 or 4 yrs time you`ll want to return it to original, I know as I`ve been down that road.

Buy yourself a shi**er,theres plenty around, and mod it to death cos that Scone is a peach and way too good to do anything irreversible to, I can`t remember the last one I saw that looked just that good.

Cheers, Colin.[:o)]



`78 Cavvy 1.9 4-dr(mint),`80 Sporthatch 2.? (rapid), `94 Senny 24v (thirsty)

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Hmmm, must say how good I can see this looking when finished.

If done well the Scone has a real aggresive face on the front of it, couple that with a good suspension drop and some tasty deep dish alloys and some power to match the looks coupled with a decent interior.

Well they were my thoughts when I was over at Chris B's a few weeks ago, that was when this car very nearly came back with me.

Car look a bit of a w4nker at the moment, but get the impression Delmastiff is gonna lose that image on the car and make it look hard as nails.

Real good purchase you've made there mate, look forward to seeing this progress.

And as for the people saying keep original,, come on!! a 1.6 cih?????? not the sort of stuff that raises hairs on the back of your neck through sheer acceleration now isi it?[:D][:D]

East Midlands area Rep. email opel2000@ntlworld.com

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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When you drive a diesel van with half a ton of plumbing gubbins in it Clive, a 1600 CIH is a veritable rocket ship. I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up already![:o)][8D]

Joking apart, I always remember my mum's 1300 Escort from the time when I had my GT/E hatch. At the time, her car felt as flat as a frat, and the GT/E went quite well. Once I'd got rid of the hatch, her 'Scrote felt quite nippy. But I must admit, I suspect the 1600 CIH has potential for some slight improvement....



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quote:Originally posted by Joe

a 1600 CIH is a veritable rocket ship. I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up already![:o)][8D]


Yeah most OAP's would think the same!

Only joking mate.[:D]

[i take it 'OAP' means 'Officially Appointed Plumber'? - Joe[:D]]

South Wales Rep

OMOC 5643


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Oh dear. I suspect the little old bloke who spent his life keeping this one perfect will be starting to spin in his grave very shortly. Actually now the pics show the mint Rostyle in the boot I suspect it once looked even better than with the current ATSs

Seeing as others have chucked a two penn'orth in can I humbly suggest the following?

1. At least keep the bodywork original, that includes the bumpers; chromies just look **** and old.

2.Also the amber indicators give it distinction and why the Ascona looked so much better than the Cavalier, white indicators are a cliche.

3. If the interior is changed don't make it look ultra modern, more like a sporty version of it's era, Recaros, blitz cloth and such.

I have seen your nice Astras on the MK1 website and your red one should be a template, subtle, some expensive wheels and grunty powertrain.

Incidentally what happened with your mate Jacko and that lovely EXP-S that looked completely butchered on the Mk1 site??

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quote:Originally posted by Joe

Joking apart, At the time, her car felt as flat as a frat,




Knowing Joe and his particular attention to grammar and spelling I seriously had to check this out.Incase the word was real [;)]


Fuzzy Reasoning Adaptive Thresholding (NASA nonexclusive patent license agreements)

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO Joe you made a boo boo [:P][:P][:P][:P][:P][:P] hee hee you old fart [:P]

we had to get payback for all those posts you corrected us on


OMOC N,Ireland Rep

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OMOC 5706

[sorry to disappoint you, but I'd better point out Robbie that the 'FRAT' you've found is an acronym, not a word, and I knew exactly what I'd written. I didn't think I'd get away with farting on the Forum [:0][;)] - Cheers, Joe.[8D]]

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Just spent the best part of 10 hours in the bloody cold doing very little required welding on a friends 1.8 Coupe that he is intending to LET, car is actually very very good, but still requires a reasonable amount of work, but nothing major before he can start thinking about fitting the engine.

Lying under the car on cold slabs trying to clean up bits of scabby chassis rail I got myself to thinking......... If only a good car could be bought so I wouldn't have to be going through this sh1te in an attempt to help my mate out.

Many a good reason to modify a good car.

East Midlands area Rep. email opel2000@ntlworld.com

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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think everybodys going to have to agree to disagree on this, wheather to mod it or not, its way too good to mod in my little opinion, but

its his car and if he wants to mod it he can, maybe the seller shouldnt of sold it so cheap(maybe he couldnt find a decent buyer for more) bet it would get double the purchase price on ebay.

and wheres the fun in starting with a solid car anyway, dont we all love welding thu the winter[:D]

omoc member 5918

400r trackday turbo on its way....

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I see why you want to up the power, the car looks mint (no pun intended) Personally the engine is all I could mod, wheels also, keep it a wolf in sheeps clothing[}:)]. A guy up this way has just finished a turbo cosworth powered Ford Corsair,its a real "hairy beast". Looks bog standard BUT!!!

I was in the same situation a few years ago and I opted for another manta to play with[:D], saying that ,I only run one manta on the road for summer and its always the 400r, the original stays put, I guess that could also be viewed as a waste[:I]. In fact there are more mantas in my house than there are AR..S TO sit in them, not complaning though, good luck with the car and look forward to seeing the end result.[;)]

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I might as well say my bit as the seller of the ascona to delmastiff,

This car would have been modified anyway had i kept it, 16valve on jenvey throttle boddies, that was the plan, but keep the old retro looks.

The only reason that it was put up for sale was the purchase of a starmist black courtenay turbo manta, 1 owner from new and only covered 16k!! didnt want to sell the scone, but, cant keep everything.

Perhaps £900 was cheap for a car like this,but, it was for sale for 6 weeks and delmastiff was the only one who stumped up the money, (and was a great guy to deal with)I didnt want to be greedy as this was more than the car owed me.

I cant wait to see it finished and wish Lee the very best with his project.


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