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God I hate re-build time!


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Right, here goes,

collected the car this morning, they`ve done a superb job with the exhaust...



Got the removeable front panel in now, justs need paint.



High level sequential gear shift done and working..



..and a couple of Enda`s steering bush in place! 06082008265.jpg


More to come tomorrow!

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I got the lot from a guy in Belgium, however the fit was shocking

I`ve had to cut it about so much I may as well have made it from scratch, however it fits now! I f I knew how to make a mould I`d make some more. I havn`t even started to make the lamp pod fit yet!

What you can`t see is the manifold going under the gearbox to join up with the original exhaust, it really is a good job.

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Thats looking really well Andy, on the bumper front I just finished moding a 400 bumper for John in rallytech so that the lamp pod will fit, he's going to finish it of and take a mould it even has rear lips on it that closes the gap between the bumper and the lights.

Hopefully soon he will have the light pods, bumper and also the infill for when the lights are not on available.

Love the scoops :thumbup

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Needed a new crank and rods, completly re-biult and put back up on the dyno...


This time we ran my complete oil system which proved to be OK. made some changes to the routing of some of the dry sump hoses and added a second return line to the tank. Also have put in two oil coolers either side of the radiator as per the original 400`s.

Replumbed the water system and added an expansion tank, modified the water outlet out of the engine as well. However the failure remains a bit of a mistry at the moment. :brick

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  • 2 weeks later...

Getting ready to fire it up in the car again now...

Twin oil coolers in place.



It`s now been changed to twin scavange and twin return ...



Changed the water system over to a header tank type and changed the washer bottle over to the older type to give the clearance


Just waiting for one more bend from samco and she will be ready to fire up again next week. Hope it behaves itself this time :brick

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