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White Dials.


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Hi Kev,

Whats involved in fitting them and how much inc. postage please.

Cheers, Colin.

The white dial kit is £30 inc p+p


The hardest part is getting the speedo and tacho needles off as you need a pair of good long nose pliers and the ability to pull straight up... then you need to set a preload on the speedo needle so your speed reads correctly by loading the spring inside, not hard to do but i have honestly seen people have trouble fitting my clear indicators that only require the use of a cross head screwdriver :blink:

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With the speedo lying flat sit a matchstick on each side of the needle spindle, then use a couple of those very small screw-drivers(the kind for taking watches to bits?)and gently lever the needle up and off.

This is the way I used to do it when I used to work..er.....somewhere. :blink:

Some speedos like the Manta have a stop for the needle. If you lever the end of the needle over the stop it will rest in a position,mark this position then prise the needle off.

Refit needle to the same marked position then lever the needle back over so it's back on the right side of the stop.

PLEASE NOTE I've never done this on a Manta but have done it on several Jap cars with no problems.

Hope the above is of help, if not then it serves you right for even thinking about fitting white dials. :lol: only joking!


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